Elite Endurance


From time to time the question of who was the best ever Scottish endurance athlete raises its head.   We are fortunate that there are many candidates – on the Milers page we have Clement and Robson, for instance who were top men on the track and over the country.   However many of the athletes on this page are at least in the top five of any list.   A favourite for many is Lawrie Spence – a four minute miler and a top ranked marathon runner who was also captain of the Scottish cross-country team when Jim Alder ceased to hold the post; or Tommy Murray who won national titles on the road, on the track (indoors and out), over the country and was even an internationalist on the mountains!    The athletes on this page are those outstanding individuals such as Lachie Stewart and Ian McCafferty who could turn their talent to any endurance event and be a star there.    The same is true of many Scottish women – who is to say that Yvonne or Liz is less worthy than some of the men here?  Those are the people we want on this page.   The blue links are currently ‘live’  and the others will be up as quickly as we can manage it.

[ Lynda Bain ] [ Eddie Bannon ] [ Ian Binnie ] [ George Braidwood] [ Sandra Branney ] [ Jim Brennan] [ Alex Brown ]  [ Andrew Brown ] [ Jim Brown ] [ Paddy Cannon ] [ Mike Carroll ] [Sheila Catford ] [ Graham Clark ] [ Hammy Cox ] [ Joe Connolly ] [ Tony Coyne ] [ Martin Craven ] [ Graham Crawford ] [ Willie Day ] [ Jim Doig ] [ Phil Dolan ] [ Colin Donnelly ] [ Alastair Douglas ] [ Mel Edwards ] [ Dale Greig ] [ Allan Faulds ] [ Andy Forbes ] [Hayley Haining ] [ Lynn Harding ] [ Lorna Irving ] [ Alastair Johnston ] [ Eddie Knox ] [ Andrew Lemoncello ] [Dave Logue ] [Colin Martin ] [Terry Mitchell ] [Phil Mowbray ] [ Angela Mudge ] [ Nat Muir ] [ Tommy Murray ] [ Yvonne Murray ]  [ John Myatt ] [Ian McCafferty ] [ Liz McColgan ] [ Andy McKean ] [ John McLaren ] [ Karen Macleod ] [Vikki MacPherson ] [ Moira O’Boyle ] [ Susan Partridge][ Christine Price ] [ Robert Quinn] [ Lawrie Reilly ]  [Chris Robison ] [ Alaister Russell ] [ Judith Shepherd ]  [ Cameron Spence ] [ Lachie Stewart ] [ Ian Stewart ][ Steve Taylor ] [ Trudi Thomson ] [ Tommy Tracey ] [ Leslie Watson ] [ Dick Wedlock ] [ Alan Wilson ]  

There have been many athletes who have come to Scotland  and taken a full part in athletics here and added to the sport.   Many of them were Irish, some came during the depression of the 20’s and 30’s looking for work in the Clyde shipyards; in more modern times many are students.  Some of them will be noted here in the ‘Fast Friends’ section.   There have also been a number of very talented runners whose appearance on the athletics scene, for one reason or another has been brief.   Some because they were entering demanding professions and for whom athletics was a student diversion,  others who left after a serious injury or injuries and some just left the country to live and work elsewhere.   These will appear in the ‘Shooting Stars’ section.

Fast Friends

[John Joe Barry ] Adrian Jackson ] Paul Kenney ] Cyril O’Boyle ] John Sherban ] [Ian Hamer] [Peter McColgan] [ PJ McCafferty ]

Shooting Stars

[AIC Heron] [Jim Egan]

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