Marathon Stars

Scots - London Marathon, 1985. Photo G MacIndoe (2)

The Scottish marathon running tradition is a proud one with a whole succession of top class men turning out in the event.    This page will have profiles of some of the best of them – the aim is to have all of the top twenty marathon men either here or on the Elite Endurance page, Games medallists will also be here as well as Scottish champions.   The pictures above are of some of the Scots who took part in the London Marathon of 1985 and is one of Graham MacIndoe’s excellent collection.   See more of them  here   The is page will, like the others be built up over the coming weeks.   The ultimate trophy for Scottish Marathon running was the Duncan McNab Robertson Trophy.   The money to purchase the trophy was largely raised by subscription with donors from almost all Scottish clubs and individual athletes whether marathon runners or not, after his untimely death.   Colin Youngson has written the history of this trophy with all the winners and you can read about it  at this link.   Well, well worth a look if your are interested in Marathon running. 

The Pioneers: the 30’s and 40’s

[ John Emmet Farrell ] [ Gordon Porteous ] [ Donald McNab Robertson ] [Jock Semple ] [ Dunky Wright ]

After The War: the 40’s and 50’s

[Jock Duffy ] [Harry Fenion] [Hugo Fox ] [Harry Howard] [ Joe McGhee] [Norman Nelson ] [Charlie Robertson] [ Jack Paterson]

The Tough Guys: the 60’s

[ Jim Alder ] [ Alex Breckenridge ] [ Gordon Eadie ] Ian Harris ] John Kerr ] [ Mike Ryan ] [Alastair Wood ]

The Last Amateurs

[ Paul Bannon] [ Evan Cameron] [Andy Daly] [Doug Gunstone] [Sandy Keith ] [Graham Laing] [ Graham Getty] [ Alastair Macfarlane ] [Donald Macgregor] [ Ian Macintosh ] [Pat Maclagan ]  [Fergus Murray ] [George Reynolds ]  [Andy Robertson ] [ Lindsay Robertson ] [Lawrie Spence ] [ Bill Stoddart ] [ J and A Wight ] [ Peter Wilson ] [Colin Youngson ]

The Semi-Professionals

[  Dave Clark] [ Fraser Clyne ] [Jim Dingwall ] [ Peter Fleming ] John Graham ] [ Allister Hutton ]

Into The New Millennium

Jamie Reid ]

The Marathon and Beyond

[ Rab Heron ] [ Al Howie ] [Simon Pride ] [ Alan Reid ] [ Don Ritchie ] [ Willie Sichel ]

 All who have run in Marathon Internationals between 1977 and 1990               

Winners of the Donald McNab Robertson Trophy

[Link ]

Scottish Ultra Distance Races .     Adrian’s Top Ten