Above is a picture of three Clydesdale Harriers – Jack HIgginson, Frank McKay and Jim Young – training at Mountblow Recreation Ground in the 1950’s.   A wonderful training and competition facility built by some far-sighted councillors in September 1937 and used for club, county championships, inter-club fixtures and as a training facility.   It went the way of many venues with restricted facilities in the 1960’s and became a football only venue.   As a study in how such facilities were conceived by local authorities, enabled by government assistance and created by architects departments, Parks Committees and laid out by Direct Works Departments it is included here.   Read about the setting up of the Recreation Ground   at this link. 

Above is Mountblow Recreation Ground Pavilion as it could have been – the illustration is taken from the RIBA magazine and is a pretty good illustration of the Pavilion as it was with some minimal but effective improvements.

We now have a profile of John Hanratty on the Veterans page  See and read it by clicking on his name.

The late Dale Greig (see profile) was a very important pioneer in the development of Women’s Distance Running, not only in Scotland. She also encouraged women to join the Scottish Veteran Harriers Club. Last week an excellent six minute part of a television programme was devoted to Dale. The programme is available on BBC iPlayer. Search for ‘Great British Railway Journeys, series 15’ – and find the episode ‘Shawlands to Livingston’ or use   this link .    After the first two minutes there is a section, filmed in Pollok Country Park, with Michael Portillo (serious, respectful tone) interviewing two people about Dale – running historian Katie Holmes and Dundee Hawkhill Harrier Palm Gunstone. There are a number of fine black and white film extracts, with Dale running and then being interviewed. The section finishes with a humorous minute when Michael tries and fails to warm-up and run with female Bellahouston Harriers (Dale’s first club). Recommended viewing.

There are many stories – as well as a strongly supported petition – for the retention and support of Grangemouth Stadium as our top athletics venue.   We all want it to succeed.   The photograph above is of another stadium that was mainly football, then football and dog racing and was a favourite venue for athletics once every year.    Read about it here.   There will be more about the venue as an athletics venue to come.

Colin Youngson has just completed a profile of Edinburgh Southern Harriers runner Alex Robertson (fourth in the picture above).   Son of former ESH stalwart Hamish he was a considerably good runner in his own right with Scottish representative honours on the track and on the road, several top ten rankings and a good career as an endurance runner of quality.   Read it  here  .

The SCCU Handbook was a mine of information with fixture lists, SCCU committee members, club secretaries, rules for competition and more which was an annual production that cost not very much.   Pocket sized it was a good reference work at an affordable price.   We have the 1980-81 version in its entirety on site now   at this  link   We have also added the SAAA Handbook for 1979 and the professional SGA Handbook for 1969.

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