Our friend of many, many years standing Peter McGregor is not at all well and is in hospital again.   If you would like to send a card, send it to Ian Whyte at 11 Mitchell Drive, Rutherglen ,G73 3QP.   It would cheer him up at a time when he is needing it.

Alex Jackson has started a page of Commonwealth Games Memories.   He has his own, Colin Youngson has added to an earlier short post with his, I have added a bit and we are looking for more.   No need for lots of research, what are your own memories that helped make the Games a bit special?  See what we have already   here   .

Arthur Rowe, Brian Oldfield, Bill Anderson

We have, for now, finished the look at the Braemar Gathering through the ages and it can be accessed through the ‘Professionals’ page.   Taking a couple of meetings from the decades from the mid-nineteenth century through to 1970, it traces the development and changes from the Games being an adjunct to the Royal Gathering in Braemar over a week in September.   One of the great rivalries was the one between Bill Anderson and Arthur Rowe in the 1960’s which drew crowds to meetings wherever they were held.   Two real top drawer athletes, their careers have been briefly sketched on a separate page  here   The entire series of pages can be accessed at this link .

Willie Day winning the Strathallan Road Race.   We now have most of the race results for the 1957-80 period.   A few are missing, if you can help, please do.   To see them, click on the link above.   The meeting had been on the professional circuit until 1956 (when Jay Scott won 5 events and brother Tom another one) when it became amateur.   The first amateur highland meeting had a javelin throw on the programme!   The second one in 1958 did not.   If you want to read about the last professional meeting in 1956 and first amateur one in 1957, just   go here.   

The photograph above is from Strathallan Highland Games and shows Stan Horn (Glasgow University and Garscube Harriers) leading Colin Martin (Dumbarton).   We have extended the profile of that meeting to include the last year of the professional era (1956, Jay Scott winning 5 events) and the first year under the SAAA regime where the traditional 4 throws became only two, one of which was the javelin!   Can you imagine a javelin throw in the infield at a highland games?   It was not included the following year.   You can read about it  here  .   We also have most of the winners of the road race at this link .

The third part of the Colin Donnelly profile is now up on site and takes the form of an interview by Denis Bell covering such topics as how Colin came into the sport and how that interest developed to turn him into arguably the best hill runner we have produced – certainly one with the longest career at the top.   You can see it  here  .The first parts were Colin Youngson’s profile of his namesake’s running career and Denis’s own views on Colin’s career.   Now you can get it from Colin himself.

Above is Colin Donnelly running on Edale.   A wonderful runner, one of the country’s best ever endurance athletes, he is the subject of two articles.   The first is a personal evaluation and tribute by his friend and fellow Scottish international hill runner Denis Bell and is on site now.   It complements the original account of his career by Colin Youngson and can be accessed here .   The next one to go up will deal with some of his thoughts and details of his career as he himself saw and recalls the events.   

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