Andy Daly setting out on his leg of the Edinburgh  to Glasgow

The Who’s Who of Distance Running between 1945 and 1990 is now complete: except that we are still finding new names to add to it.   Many veterans have now been added and we are in the process of adding some hill runners.     The work has been done by myself, Colin Youngson and Joe Small and they need to be thanked for their efforts.    Find it here

This  only covers the men but there is a lot about the women runners of the period in question – look at the following sites: 

  1. .On this site – click on Elite Endurance, The Milers and Women’s Cross Country.
  2. Also on this site – The Veterans page includes several profiles of star female ‘Masters’ runners.
  3. The archive of the Scottish Association of Track Statisticians – www.scotstats.net
  4. The archive of the Scottish Road Running and Cross Country Commission. – http://salroadrunningandcrosscountrymedalists.co.uk/Archive/index.html


Peter Hoffman’s photographs are  here

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