The Spence brothers: Gordon, Cammie, Lawrie, Jim and George

The latest addition to the ‘All in the Family’ pages is the Spence family from Greenock.   The five brothers above are well known – there are many who say that Lawrie (a sub 4 miler and a 2:16 marathon runner) is Scotland’s best ever.   Read about them at www.scottishdistancerunninghistory.scot/the-spence-boys 

Shettleston Harriers McAndrew Relay winners – coach Allan Scally on the right

The Scally family is a bit of a legend in Scottish distance running.   From Allan Scally at the start of the 20th century to the young Mackay throwers 100 years later they have been involved in every success the club has had.   Allan, sons Bill and Frank, grandchildren Brian and Elaine are well known.   Read about them  here

The Wright family that spanned three generations of Clydesdale Harriers with national junior champions in two of them is on the All in the Family page..   The story of what Willie as a ‘trainer’ and masseur is fascinating and many will know of John Wright who had one second and two firsts in the SCCU Championships in the mid fifties.   Read it here

Scottish athletics has been fortunate in the number of families who have almost been dynasties in the sport.   We have therefor started a page called ‘All in the Family’ where we will be looking at some of them.   So far we have the McPhees and the Craigs (admission coming up: the Craigs is largely the links to the individual family members pages) and will go on to cover such as the Hasketts, etc.   Quick link here


The pic above is of the much under-rated Hunter Watson of Aberdeen: athlete, coach, administrator and club man the profile can be accessed here   

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