In 2002 Joe McGhee, pictures above on the winner’s step of the 1954 Vancouver marathon, wrote to Frank Scally and enclosed a personal account of the club between 1952 and 1962.  It’s a very interesting account from a personal viewpoint, written by a man not given to speaking in the press about the sport.   You can read the first two parts at this link .

Really sad to hear of the death of Brian Scobie.   A really good guy and a class runner – on the track in the 60’s and in marathons in the 1980’s – as well as being a top coach.   Read his profile  here  .   Pictured above winning at Westerlands in the 60’s.  

We have added a page with a note of some football players who were also runners at the pro highland games.   There are some surprising names on the list, some Powderhall finalists, some Games winners and all in all it’s an interesting page.   See it at   this link .

Some more pictures added to Hugh Barrow’s galleries.   The one above is a cracker with five of the all-time great middle and long distance runners from Australia, New Zealand, France  and USA .   You can see them  at this link.

Big numbers of people have read the profile of the late John McLaren and it is still being looked up at present in good numbers.   Read it here if you have not already done so.    

Owen Miller (Fife) winning the 1500m at the paralympic Olympic 1500 in Tokyp.   See it  here .

Scottish international cross-country runner, Tom Cochrane from Beith, seen above running second, is the new profile – very good runner indeed – and access it at this link ..

Pictured above is the very talented Katie Skorupska who was one of the very best distance runners in Britain in the late 1990’s.   Coming from Fife she travelled all over Europe representing Scotland and Britain and is now almost forgotten.   Read her story by clicking on her name.

<ost of us know the story of Zatopek’s medal gesture to Ron Clarke but few know of his connection with Les Perry of New Zealand.   Read it by clicking on the story  here  .

We have now completed the 5 parts of the story of Maley and Struth as promoters of sports meetings and they can be seen at this link.   There is a permanent link at the fi=oot of the page.

1952 was Olympic year and many, many Olympic medalists competed in Scotland both before the Games, at the Glasgow Police Sports, and after, at the Rangers Sports and Edinburgh Highland Games,   before a total crowd of 138,000.   It is part of another page but for now it is available at    this link  .


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