Dale Greig died at the weekend.   Dale was a world pioneer of marathon running after having a super career on the track and over the country: first women’s world marathon record holder.   A great loss.  Read about her running  at this link

We have over 40 photographs on the ‘Hugh’s Gems‘ page – photographs and documents that are nostalgic, informative or just good photographs from wherever in the world.   We have started another such page with the first half dozen pictures on it and you can see it  at this link.   Have a look!   

Hugh was a wonderful middle distance man himself, we have a brand new profile of a distance runner newly written, with help from Alex Wilson, and available.   Robert McKinstray was a professional runner in the 1850’s and 60’s who was the best runner in Britain at the time and although he raced distances from 160 yards to 10 miles most were at 880, the mile and the mile and a half distances.   Scotland’s first middle distance track star, read about him  here.

The picture above of the start  of the Edinburgh to Glasgow in 1982 is one of a group of photographs taken by Alastair Macfarlane which you can see  at this link.   

There is a flourishing professional side to Scottish running with many talented athletes – Michael Glen, Ricky Dunbar, etc, all running on the circuit.   Men who would have graced any meeting and been a credit to the sport at any time.   It is maybe appropriate to look at this aspect of athletics, an aspect which has been largely ignored.   The introductory page is  here     The Olympian above is pictured at Jedburgh.    And a well known former professional who went on to win the SAAA marathon is pictured below (in yellow) at Pitlochry.

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