Colin Youngson and Dave Galloway have been in touch about the trophies won by Judith Shepherd in the course of her marvellous career and we have many of them illustrated at this link    The profile of her career from 1974 to 1985 can be found here

Above is the original badge and slogan of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers as taken from a booklet published covering the period from 1924 to 1945.   It is a very interesting publication with, among other things, club trophy winners, office bearers, the story of the women’s section and so forth.   You can find it at   this link   but for future reference it will be linked to the Hawkhill page written by Colin Youngson some time ago at the foot of that page with other links to the club’s history.


Steve Taylor had a ssuperb career as an athlete on track, road and country.   We have now added a link to his page showing his collection of trophies and medals.   Get it at the foot of his page    at this link.

The latest segment of the Dunblane Highland Gathering story is now available at   this link  and takes us up to 1970.  It was a period that pitted Ronnie Whitelock against Mike Hildrey in the sprints; Fergus Murray against Lachie Stewart on the roads and Ian McCafferty finishing second to Bert McKay in the Mile.   Well worth a read – a wonderful sports meeting that sadly is no longer with us.

The Dunblane Highland Gathering was a well attended, much liked highland games venue which started up in 1951 and continued, with a wee hiatus in the middle, to the mid 80’s.   The first part from 1951 to 1960 is now available.   During this period that number of top athletes – Joe McGhee, Mike Ryan, Joe Connolly, Andy Brown, GA McLachlan, Mike Hildrey, Ronnie Whitelock, JV Paterson, Doris Tyndall  and many others appeared.   Read it   at this link .

The series on the development of Scottish coaching is almost concluded with the latest one which is on the contribution of Tony Chapman’s articles in ‘The Scots Magazine’.   It includes a Training Guide for Coaches and Athletes’ which ran to three or four pages in five consecutive issues of the monthly.   It is well worth a read for that series alone but there are other articles linked to it – ‘Making a Training Board’ and so on.   Get it at this link .

The St Modan’s AC colours being worn above by Allan Faulds.   We now have the final part of the club’s story covering 1960 to 1966 up on site.   It was a very good period for the club – two GB champions, names like Ryan, McHattie, Fleming and of course Faulds performing at the very highest level.   Well worth a look back at a good club.

We have now brought the series on the development of Scottish coaching up as far as 1969 and John Anderson’s spell as National Coach.   BAAB awards – senior, club and assistant club awards, all the instructional books with the real classic being the one illustrated above. We have a page with cover pictures of a few of these booklets and would like more.   Any cover of any booklet that we do not have is more than welcome!   Middle and Long Distance ones by Tony Ward, Jim Alford, Bruce Tulloh and Martin Hyman …..   Coaching Conferences in Edinburgh ..   A Golden Age of Coaching perhaps.   Read the latest instalment (1961 – 1969)   here.    The earlier AAA’s booklet covers are  here.  

Colin Youngson has had access to the personal archive of Dale Greig, multi Scottish champion over the country and on the road but maybe best known for her first world marathon record.   He has made a selection from this archive with several documents of national as well as personal significance.   You can find it    here.

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