The latest addition to the Universities pages is a profile of Douglas Gifford who ran for Glasgow University Hares & Hounds in the late 50’s and early 60’s.   The picture above is taken from Donald Macgregor’s book and is of the start of the Scottish Universities Cross-Country championship in 1960 which Doug won.   You will find it  here .   

Callum Laing, another of the excellent Glasgow University team of the  early 1960’s, was three times ScotUnis champion, twice SCCU internationalist and track three miles international runner, he was very much an athlete to be reckoned with.   The profile can be reached by clicking on his name.

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The George Heriot’s School grounds at Goldenacre were hosts to many a SSAA Championship in the 1960’s and a short profile of the grounds is now available  here .

With the anniversary of the end of the  First World War coming up, it seems appropriate to take a wee look at some of the athletes who fought and died there.   We have some comments with a focus on one particular family at  this link.  

The story of the two men who were not selected to run in the International Championships despite doing all that was required for their selection,can be read  here   This has led to the setting up a new page which we have called ‘Cross-Country Contretemps‘ to deal with some of the stushies and stramashes that have cropped up over the years.   First two items on the page are the tale of the 1978 decision about the venue for the World Cross-Country Championship and the tale of the Cambuslang Two.   In connection with the first of these, you might like to re-read Tommy Callaghan‘s profile.

Alistair Lawson has passed on his collection of programmes from the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh with ALL the results marked in and neatly enough written for them to be easily read.   We now have  the programmes for the entire Commonwealth Games  on site: 17th July.    18th July    21st July   22nd July  23rd July  24th July and 25th July (the last day)   There were no games at all on 19th July (Sunday) or 20th July (athletics rest day).   Many thanks to Alistair Lawson for donating the programmes.


The line up at the start of the 1967 E-G:  Brian McAusland’s left knee on the left, then Dick Hodelet (ESH), C McAuley (Aberdeen University) , Bobby Mills (DAAC), Iain Kerr (Bellahouston), J Raeburn (Teviotdale)….   and among the others is Norman Morrison of Shettleston.

Graeme Orr’s photos from 1967 1968 were on anent but have now been added to the Universities page along with Bobby Mills’ photos.   For now, see the Westerlands pictures at this link  ,  and nationals from Hamilton  here and the relay pictures, the ones from the Perth North Inch relay of 1967, and the Edinburgh to Glasgow are here.   The start is pictured above with Craig Douglas and Hugh Barrow on the inside and Henry Summerhill on the infield.

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