A football player on the front page?   Surely some mistake?   No, it’s not.   He’s the latest ex-professional athlete to becaome a Scottish National Coach, a top class multi talented athlete who was once a professional football player.   It’s John Freebairn of Kilsyth and his profile is now up  at this link   There are four pages in all: the beginnings, as a pro athlete, as a veteran athlete and as a coach.   Links to them all at the foot of the first page.   For what others think of him, go here – Hugh Murray below is one of the contributors.


We have a new addition to the Venues section of the website:  Springburn Harriers former club house at Auchinairn Road.   Opened in October 1930 it was used by thousands of athletes from just about every club in Scotland at one time or another in some of the races the club promoted until 1974.  Read about it  here .   The race pictured above was started at the clubhouse.   In addition is now a profile of the Barrachnie Track in Gartocher Road, Glasgow.   For  over 50 years the home of Shettleston Harriers, it would take a slim volume to cover it in detail but read about it by clicking on the link above. 

We have also added some pictures to those already on site from Alastair Macfarlane’s collection: this time of the BT telephones team of the 1970’s with Alastair, Jim Evans and others.

As part of the series of articles on YMCA clubs, we now have a two parter on Irvine YMCA which was a very good club that existed from 1924 to 1972.   One of their top athletes, Tom McNeish, is in the above picture of the Scottish team of 1949.   Read about it   here   and   here.


In response to an email I have started putting up some photographs of runners I ran/trained with and athletes that I have coached.   The first ‘grown up’ international runner I coached was Robert McWatt, number 21 above,   You can see some of the pictures now for the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s  from the page at   this link .  So Far the 90’s have two pages with more to come – go  here

Many a champion has run through these unfamiliar doors: it’s the Brandon Street Headquarters of the Motherwell YMCA club that nurtured the Brown brothers, Ian McCafferty, Willie Marshall, Davie Simpson and all the rest.   We have started a page on the YMCA movement and some of the clubs it produced.   Got to  this link



Colin Youngson has sent on a short history of Maryhill Harriers which was written by Gordon Porteous with assistance from Robert Stevenson and we have it on site  at this link.   It complements the story to be found in the ‘Fast Pack’ section and there is a link to it.   There is also Colin Shields’ history of Greenock Glenpark Harriers as presented at their Centenary Dinner in 1992 which is now on site here.   

Scotstoun as an athletics venue pre-dated the formation of Victoria Park AAC in 1930 – Clydesdale Harriers held their annual 7 miles cross-country individual and team race there for many years at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th century.   They even put on a 100 yards race to entertain the crowds while the cross country men were out in the country surrounding the show grounds.   The programme and report on the 1906 event can be seen   here   

Several new additons to the Race Certificates page: the ‘new’ ones date from the 1930’s – look and then compare them with Colin Youngson’s from the 1970’s.


There is a flourishing professional side to Scottish running with many talented athletes – Michael Glen, Ricky Dunbar, etc, all running on the circuit.   Men who would have graced any meeting and been a credit to the sport at any time.   It is maybe appropriate to look at this aspect of athletics, an aspect which has been largely ignored.   The introductory page is  here     The Olympian above is pictured at Jedburgh.    And a well known former professional who went on to win the SAAA marathon is pictured below (in yellow) at Pitlochry.

On all these pages, the link bar is at the bottom. 

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