We also have a short look, a quick read, and maybe an introduction to some, a farewell to others : Stanalane Track in Glasgow.

Four more pages of marathons and seven marathons in total from Colin Youngson.   First of all there is the story of the Loch Rannoch Marathon – just click on the name to be taken there.   Many do not really realise how many marathons there were in Scotland in the 1980’s – nor how far flung they were!   The second page this time is about four of the smaller races – Caithness, Benbecula, Easter Ross and Galloway.   How widespread can you get in Scotland?   Just go to Four Smaller Marathons.   There are links to two more marathons below the following picture from the Black Isle.

Then there was the Black Isle Marathon.   Another excellent race and you can read about it just by clicking on the name.   The Edinburgh Marathon was a good race with quality fields and fast runners but it did not last for as long as many of the other marathons – some less well known and several less well funded.  

The University sports pages are always popular with a stream of visitors to the various pages: we now have a page on the Blues system.   Originally a copy of the Oxbridge system the award of a Blue in his/her chosen sport was a highlight of the university athlete’s career.   Buster McCall, Sandy Sutherland,  Ian Young and Alistair Blamire give us information on the Blues front – there will be more very soon on the topic.   The University Blues is where it’s at!

Colin Youngson has done a detailed and well illustrated profile of the Lochaber Marathon which had a very loyal following and was really loved by participants who came back year after year to run there.   This despite the sometimes awful weather – the photograph above is of the start in 1985 and there are photos aplenty of this race by Graham Macindoe.   Well worth a visit – just click on  Lochaber Marathon


Colin Youngson has written an account of the short lived (but really missed in the area) Motherwell Marathon.   Lots of good runners raced there – Tony Bird (Wellpark), David Fairweather ‘owned’ the vets race, Donald Ritchie raced there too – and you can read about it   here   .

We have done a count of the number of visits to the website and have listed the top most-visited sites over the past 12 months.   The link is   here  and there are the top ten individuals whatever their distance, be it the mile or the marathon, the top events as visited in the course of the year as well as the most visited sections.    The most viewed profiles might surprise you – the second name will certainly be one such!    We also have a page of the ‘most viewed’ runners over 1500m/ Mile, 5000/10000 and steeplechase which is  here .    These are not merit rankings – they are an indication which pages are proving most popular to those who visit the website.

Donald Ritchie was winner of five of the first six Moray Marathons – the longest running marathon in the country.   Read about it by clicking on the link. 

You really MUST see this video of a truly remarkable man – Lachie talking about his operation, his prosthetic in a video clip that will give hope and heart to many people in a similar situation.   Click on   


We all know what the British Milers Club News Magazine looks like nowadays – a shiny magazine packed with articles, statistics and photographs that it is a joy to hold and read.   It was not always like that though.   In the beginning it was a simple collection of roneo-ed sheets stapled together and sent out free to BMC members.   It had the seeds of what it would become though.   We have the covers of the first 11 magazines with a note of their contents  here   and issues 12 to 29 are  at this link   .   The link to the complete magazines is at the top of that page.   The intention is to track the development of this superb publication from its humble beginnings to the present.   Cover pictures only for the 1980’s are   at  this  link  , those of the 1990’s are  here ,  2000-2009 can be found here  and finally 2010 to date are here .   

There are a few weel kent faces in the picture above – one of several University teams added to the page of club group photographs  on the club groups page.   Just click on this link.      

On all these pages, the link bar is at the bottom. 

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