Some Post 1945 Track Programmes

Programmes loom large in the life of athletes – in championships they are scrutinised to find out who the opposition is and who is in their heat, in Highland |Gatherings it is to see who is in their heat but maybe more importantly to see what the handicaps are – the opposition’s as well as your own.   During the cross country season the map of the trail is the thing as well as the timing of the other age group races scheduled.   Looking back at old programmes is informative on all these fronts and are also a font of information on social and sporting history.   At a personal level, athletes often keep the main programmes in which they themselves feature.    We have a small number available here – just click on the name of the meeting that you you are interested in.   The Bute programme is part of the profile of the Games.   We can add to these programmes, depending on the interest shown.

SAAA Championships 1956  Glasgow Police Sports, 1956  SAAA Championships 1958    

      Scottish Universities Championships 1959       Scottish Universities Championships 1961     

Bute Highland Games    Cowal Highland Games, 1971


We also have some very old programmes – 

Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Celtic Park  1905     Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Celtic Park  1906         Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Ibrox Park, 1909    Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Kilbowie Park, 1914   .    Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Dunoon 1905      Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Dunoon 1907     

   Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Ibrox Park, 1921    Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Clydeholm Park, 1927

Clydesdale Harriers Championships at Ibrox Park  1914:   May  and     August

John Brown’s Welfare Sports, 1949   Motherwell YMCA Sports, 1949