Glasgow Marathon

The London Marathon sparked a marathon running craze – not just a ‘jogging boom’ because many of the new runners were or became serious athletes – and there were ‘Peoples’ Marathons’ held in cities across the land.   In Scotland there were several one-off events but the main races that appeared regularly throughout the 80’s at least were in Aberdeen, Dundee, Forres, Glasgow, Inverclyde and Shettleston.  None of these is extant and of the 15 or 16 that we had, there are now only the Moray Marathon and from time to time an Edinburgh Marathon, neither of which is what it once was.   The six listed above are profiled via the links below.

[Aberdeen Marathon] [ Dundee Marathon ] [ Forres Marathon] [ Glasgow Marathon] [ Inverclyde Marathon ] [ Shettleston Marathon] [ Perth to Dundee ]