Running Shorts

‘Running Shorts’ is the only work of (supposed) fiction to appear on the website.    The collection of ten short stories by Colin Youngson was first published in 1992.   I bought a copy and enjoyed it so much that I accosted Colin at the Nationals in Falkirk for five copies on condition he signed a wee dedi to various runners.   The stories cover many aspects of the sport familiar to endurance runners of the second half of the twentieth century.   The Edinburgh to Glasgow, the National, running an ultra, the JOGLE, etc.   My own favourite is the one about the E-G (Inter City) – it isn’t too difficult to recognise the clubs concerned with names like Partick AC ( an outfit from the north west of the city?), Govan Harriers (no further clue required), Falkirk Flyers (there’s a wee clue there).   Some runners are also identifiable without too much head scratching!

But if the names are thinly disguised, the situations portrayed are also familiar and very true to the situations described.   The review in ‘Running in Literature’ describes it as :

“well-crafted, short narratives from Aberdeen in Scotland that give engaging insight into aspects of running – the girl friend who resents the athlete’s commitment, a comically ill-organised Highland Games, the improving runner’s first international marathon, the camaraderie of a local running community.”

Incidentally a copy was sold on ebay in December 2015 for £30 ….                and you’re able to read it here free, gratis.

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