BUSF Championships at Westerlands with the famous gasometer in the background.

Every sport has its home arena.   For Scotish football it is Hampden, for rugby it’s Murrayfield and for athletics it was for a long time Meadowbank.   In the beginning of course Hampden, Ibrox and Powderhall all had their place but the sport in general, away from championships had its venues that were used week in, week out for club matches, open meetings, invitation meetings and so on and there were two in Glasgow in particular in that category.   I speak of course of Westerlands and Scotstoun.   Westerlands has now been destroyed and dwelling houses built thereon, and Scotstoun …..      What can we say about Scotstoun?   Used for athletics since the 19th century, a new track and field facility (probably the best in Scotland) has been pretty well sacrificed to rugby.   In both cases it had to do with money.   However, we should remember these venues and what went on there.

[Aberdeen] [ Aberdeen University ] [Barrachnie]  [ Bellahouston and Nethercraigs ]  [Caird P ark 1]  [ Caird Park 2 ] [ Craiglockhart ]   [ Fernieside ] [ Grangemouth 1 ]   [Grangemouth 2 ]   [ Goldenacre ]  [ Helenvale ] [ Inverclyde ]  [Knightswood ]   [ Pitreavie ]   [ Scotstoun ][ Stanalane ]  [ Springburn Clubhouse ]   [ University Park ] [ Westerlands ]    

Cross-Country:  [ Hamilton for the National ] [ Beach Park, Irvine ]  [ Bellahouston Park for Cross-Country]  [ The Baths ]

And, though not strictly a venue, there is this one.   A well-loved venue for coach education courses, special events and not far down the road is the ‘Anchor’ where the lecturers all went on the Saturday night  (Other Ranks sat elsewhere in the same establishment!)

  [ Inverclyde ]  


Scotstoun as we remember it with the stand which extended the length of the straight