JJ Millar, Photographer

One of the features of summer athletics meetings and winter season races in the 1960’s was a table covered with postcard-sized black and white photographs.   They were taken by JJ Millar of Leechlee Street in Hamilton, or so the stamp on the back of the picture said.   Every week he was there with his photos.   Taken without any of the modern aids they were all well taken at relay changeovers, at race finishes at critical stages of races and of athletes on all abilities.   This is a very small selection of what was available in the first half of the 1960’s (for 5/- each).

Les Piggott (1), George Rodger 8) in the invitation 100 yards at Babcock & Wilcox Sports

GAH Muir (31) George Rodger (26)

Ian Donald, Nigel Barge finish, Maryhill

JB Maclachlan, Nigel Barge finish

Iain Leggett, Nigel Barge finish

Allan Faulds finishing the Springburn Cup at Huntershill

Jackie Girvan and Allan Sharp (73) in the National at Hamilton

Hugh Mitchell (53), Charlie McAlinden (138), Pat McAtier (52), Bobby Calderwood, Brian McAusland, David Simpson (51)

Roy Clark (68) and Pat Younger, National, Hamilton

Neil Buchanan to Brian McAusland, Midland Relay, Cleland

Brian McAusland to Bobby Shields, Midlands Relay, Cleland, just ahead of the next photograph …

Davie Kerr to Davie Martin, Garscube, Midlands Relay at Cleland


Bill Scally to Les Menelly, Shettleston, in E-G

Danny Wilmoth, Shawfield, Lanark Police Sports


Danny Wilmoth

Kenny Laverick, Tom Scott