SCCU Handbook: 1980-81

When I first came into the sport in the 1950’s the SCCU annual cost 3d (maybe 6d, but I think it was 3d) and we were encouraged to buy it.   Not everybody bought it, and not everybody who bought it, bought it every year.   It contained a wealth of information about the season’s fixtures, about who the committee men running the sport were, who the club secretaries were and lots of historical information.  At 4 inches by 5 inches it was small enough to fit into your pocket, it was a useful thing to have.   It wouldn’t be allowed now to print all the addresses or any other personal information but to me that’s a pity.   However, we reproduce here the 1980-81 version of the handbook.   Pages 1 – 27 below with a link to the second half of the booklet at the foot of the page.


Pages 28 to 58 are  here