Willie McGregor’s Photographs: 4 Gary Beggan’s Collection

Gary Beggan has a large collection of Willie’s photographs – all in black and white and all showing a knowledge and love of the sport.   The range is wide and many, but not nearly all, are of his clubmates at Springburn.  We start with club legend Harry Gorman 1st VET (and club president at the time) Springburn Harriers Club Cross Country Championships on 5th March, 1994.

John Bell in the club championships, 5th Match, 1994

Jim Cooper (Cooperman) in 1994 club championships

Frank Wright in the club championships: Frank later became an official timekeeper

Below: Adrian Callan at the Nigel Barge race in 1994.

The last changeover for the winning team at the Lanarkshire Relays – John Bell to Andy Callan


Very little information of these photographs, above and below, of the Robert Burns ‘Cradle to the Grave’ relay from Alloway to Dumfries 

A Springburn group

Round the Houses 10k,  Grangemouth 19/02/1995. L to R – Peter Laing – Jamie Harper – Derek Houston – Eddie Dickson.


David Donnet, 109, running in the West District Relays at Cumnock, 1991 

West District Junior Championships at Clydebank, won by Jamie Hendry, running second, from D Greig of Kilbarchan

No detail available for the above

Another Springburn Group