All in the Family

Bellahouston Craig

The picture above is of Archie “Baldie” Craig, Bellahouston Harriers – a great athlete, a loyal club man and a long standing servant of the sport in Scotland who was also father of two sons, Archie junior and George who both ran for Scotland.   There have been several families that produced top class athletes and they should may be recognised here.    The Craigs have been covered individually and the links will be included but we can start with the McPhees – father Alex ran in the 1880’s and his eldes son Alex was a member of Clydesdale Harriers who ran prior to the first world war and his younger son Duncan ran initially for Clydesdale but switched to West of Scotland Harriers after 1918.   Others will be covered as time goes on, the criterion is simply that there are three or more runners (male of female) from two or more generations.   ie the Hasketts from Dundee would be included because there are three runners from two generations – Charlie and Christine and their father Charlie, but the Robsons would not be because there are only two of them and they are of the same generation.   The exception is the Spence family – all of the one generation but there were no fewer than five of them, and in addition George’s wife Pat was a noted runner in her own right.

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