Who’s Who of Scottish Distance Running: Letter G

Graeme Grant at Cowal

Gerard M. GAFFNEY (20.11.55)  Greenock Wellpark
1978 10000 33.16.2; 1979 MAR 2.24.09
Probably Gerry’s best run as a senior athlete was when he finished a very respectable 6th in the 1979 Scottish Marathon championship. In the E to G he ran the important Stage Six between 1980 and 1982.
In the Scottish Veterans XC championships Gerry won M40 silver in 1996; and later that year was first Scot (6th overall) in the annual British and Irish 5 Nations Masters International XC, leading his team to second place. In that event he was in the top ten three times and won three team silver medals. In 2001, he finished 4th M45 in the International and his team achieved a rare Scottish victory. Even in 2012, Gerry was still going strongly – 5th M55 and another team silver.

Frank E. GAMWELL (28.11.43)  Edinburgh Univ, Pitreavie, Ilford, Perth Strathtay
One Mile 4.19.0 (1965) 3 Miles 14.17.8 (1967) 6 Miles 29.33.0 (1967) Steeplechase 9.35.4 (1967) Marathon 2.35.14 (1994 – aged 51)
Frank was a valuable member of the illustrious mid-1960s Edinburgh University team. In the 1964 E to G, EU secured silver medals. One real highlight was in the 1965 event, when EU broke the race record and won gold. Frank took them into the lead when he was fastest on Stage Five. Another great day was in the 1966 Senior National XC, when the students finished first in the team contest.

Brian GARDNER  Clyde Valley
10,000m 30.58.0 (1984)
Other best times were: 1:57 (800m), 3:57 (1500m), 8:28 (3,000m), 14:44 (5,000m).
In the Senior National XC, Brian was part of the CV squad which won team silver in 1982. 
As a Veteran (or ‘Master’), Brian’s greatest moment was winning the ‘home’ international Cross Country (M45) at Croydon in 2004. He went on to win the European Cross-Country Championship in Sweden. Brian also achieved Scottish veteran track and XC titles; and, at British level, two gold medals for M45 5000m championship and Road 10 Miles. In addition, he has been successful at Modern Triathlon and Open Water swimming.

David GEDDES (12.07.56)  Garscube Harriers
Marathon 2.27.18 (1981)

David is a very popular runner who competes in every championship for his club and in many open races too.   He is a solid, very good, reliable club runner as his marathon time shows.

Douglas GEMMELL Clydesdale Harriers
5000m 14.53.4 (1971); 10.000m 30.53.0 (1972); Marathon 2.29.02 (1974).
A calm, sensible, determined, thoughtful individual, in the E to G, Douglas ran for his team nearly every year between 1965 and 1982, usually on the classy Second Stage. He never ever lost a single place in any of his many appearances.  In 1970, Clydesdale finished fifth and won the ‘most meritorious’ medals. He was also successful in Highland Games road races; and ran for SCCU in representative cross-country matches.
Douglas made a startling comeback as a veteran athlete in 1996, when he won the Scottish M50 XC title and finished an excellent second individual in the British Masters XC championship. In 1997, he contributed to M50 team silver when running for Scotland in the annual British and Irish Masters 5 Nations International XC.

Nigel GEMMELL (30.09.63)  Southampton & Eastleigh, Gala
3000m 8.17.7 (1986) 5000m 14.19.5 (1991) 10,000m 30.22.30 (1992) Steeplechase 9.14.6 (1993)
Nigel appeared in the Scottish rankings between 1981 and 1994.

Graham R. GETTY (10.05.60) Strathclyde Univ, Bellahouston, Shaftesbury Barnet, Cambuslang – see full profile
14.42.4 (1990); 30.43.66 (1988;) Marathon 2.19.24 (1984).

With Strathclyde University, enthusiastic Graham won team gold medals in the 1979 Junior National, when he was 12th individual.
With Bellahouston Harriers, Graham won team silver in: the 1983 E to G: the 1984 Scottish XC Relay; and the 1987 Senior National; as well as bronze in the 1984 Six Stage Relay.
With Cambuslang, he secured another silver in the 1989 E to G.
Marathon running suited him well: third place in the 1985 Scottish championship; and running for Scotland in an international team match included in that year’s Glasgow Marathon.

Colin Youngson (1), Evan Cameron (3) and Graham Getty (2)

Alan GIBSON (8.06.51)  Hutchesons’ GS, Glasgow Univ, Shettleston
800m 1.53.4 (1969)

Archibald GIBSON Hamilton Harriers
He was third in the 1948 Scottish 3 Miles championship. In cross-country, he was a Senior International athlete four times in succession, between 1951 and 1954. His best placing in the Senior National XC was sixth in 1953; when he went on to run a fine race to finish 31st (but third Scot) in the International XC.

Douglas Gibson Falkirk Victoria Harriers

Douglas was in the team which finished third in the 1980 Scottish Six Stage Relay. He ran the E to G three times from 1978 to 1980.

George GIBSON (9.08.60) Kilbarchan
800m 1.51.8 (1990) 1500m 3.56.5 (1992)
George appeared in the Scottish rankings between 1985 and 1996. He was a Scottish International track athlete, indoors (1989 – 800m) and outdoors (1993 – 3000m).
He ran the E to G twelve times for Kilbarchan, gaining team bronze medals in 1997 and silver in 1998.

Stuart W. GIBSON [NI] (27.06.58) Edinburgh University, Edinburgh AC, Hunters Bog Trotters
1.49.6 (1977); 3.49.63 (1979); 3000m 8.17.6 (1979).
Stuart was a popular, gentle man who possessed considerable athletic talent. He finished third in the 1981 Scottish championship 1500m but was also successful in cross country (team bronze in the 1979 Junior National XC) and road races. Stuart ran the E to G several times: for EU; and for the infamously sociable brown-vested Trotters, including 1990, when they finished 8th and won the ‘most improved’ medals.

Thomas GIBSON  Bellahouston Harriers
Before WW2 Thomas finished third individual in the 1938 Senior National XC championships. His team won bronze in 1936 and 1938 and gold in 1939; another gold in 1947 and silver in 1948.
He ran for Scotland in the International XC in 1938, a feat he repeated after the War, in 1946.
In the E to G, Bellahouston won in 1936 (with Thomas fastest on Stage 4); were third in 1937; won in 1938; and were second in 1939.

David L. GILLANDERS (18.11.49)  Thames Valley, Sheffield Univ, Shettleston, Malmo (Swe)
Steeplechase 9.08.0 (1975) 1500m 3.56.5 (1977) 5000m 14.31.2 (1977) 10,000m 30.30.6 (1977)
David’s best run was when he was very young – a very good ninth (and first Scot) in the 1969 Junior International XC. That year he had finished 5th in the Scottish Junior National, when Shettleston won team gold; and followed that with 5th again in 1970 and team silver. In 1973 he added another second place team award in the Senior National.

Ian GILLESPIE (18.05.70) Westbury, Birchfield, Clydebank AC
800m 1.50.1 (1993); 1500m 3.39.8 (1997); One Mile 3.56.64 (1993); 3000m 7.48.28 (1997); 5000m 13.18.06 (1997)
In 1990 he started his career by winning team gold (with Clydebank AC) in the Junior National XC.
Ian developed into a very good Scottish International track athlete, indoors and outdoors, over 1500m, One Mile and 5000m. In 1998, he ran 3000m for GB in the European Indoors; and 5000m for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games.
Ian was second in the 1996 AAA 3000m indoors; and third in the 1997 UK 5000m. Ian won Scottish titles for Indoor 1500m in 1993 and 1994; was third in the 1991 Outdoor 1500m; and second in the 2002 5000m.

Douglas F. GILLON (12.07.46) Heriot Watt Univ, Edinburgh, Victoria Park – see full profile
Steeplechase 9.46.4 (1966)
Doug was a promising young athlete who won a Scottish Schools Steeplechase title. After university, work severely restricted his running but he developed into a superb Athletics Journalist who for many years made a huge contribution to the sport.

Alexander C. GILMOUR (21.12.54)  Cambuslang
3.54.60 (1980); 8.05.3 (1985); 5000m 14.06.53 (1985); 10,000m 29.37.12 (1986).
Alex was a Scottish International athlete on track (5000m – 1985) and cross-country (1984 World Senior XC championships). He won a bronze medal in the 1985 Scottish 5000m championships.
For Cambuslang he was an absolute stalwart. The Scottish XC Relay was won in 1981, 1984 and 1988; and they were also victorious in the 1986 Six Stage Relay. In the E to G, several medals were won: 1986 silver; 1987 gold; 1988 bronze; and 1989 silver. In the Senior National XC, after two silvers and a bronze, Cambuslang won three years in succession (1988-1990). In 1988 Alex was first home for his club in an excellent 5th place.

Alex Gilmour taking over from Jim Orr

Ian W. GILMOUR (21.01.52) Birmingham Univ, Monkland, Wolverhampton & Bilston, Clyde Valley, Middlesbrough & Cleveland  –  see full profile
3.47.6 (1978); One Mile 4.06.3 (1977); 3000m 8.03.1 (1978); Steeplechase 8.31.09 (1978); 5000m 13.50.85 (1979; 10,000m 29.19.91 (1982)
Ian was a Scottish International track athlete, winning ten vests, for 5000m as well as Steeplechase. In addition, between 1973 and 1981, he ran for Scotland four times in the World Senior XC championships; and once in the International Junior (1971 – 13th individual).
In the 1978 Commonwealth he finished a good 8th in the final. Two AAA indoor titles were won at 2000m Steeplechase (1974 and 1979); and he secured a bronze medal in the 1978 UK 3000m Steeplechase. His Scottish title was won for the 1978 Steeplechase, he was second in 1974 and1981 and third in 1973.
As an invaluable club athlete for Monkland and Clyde Valley, he ran the E to G (including fastest stage times and team gold for CV in 1980). In 1978, CV won the Scottish XC Relay championships. Senior National team silver was achieved in 1981.

Andrew E. GIRLING (26.01.55) – Glasgow Univ, Victoria Park
30.22.36 (1984); Marathon 2.15.41 (1984).
Andy ran for Glasgow University in the 1983 E to G. The following year he exploded onto the Scottish marathon running scene with an outstanding second place in a very competitive Glasgow International Marathon. Then in 1985, running for Invicta East Ken, he improved to 2.15.38 when 19th in the London Marathon. After that he seemed to have retired but resurfaced as a veteran athlete who still produces good age-group cross-country performances in Kent.

John GLADWIN Edinburgh Southern Harriers
John was a very talented athlete as a Junior. He contributed to team gold in the Scottish Junior XC in 1980 and also in 1981 (when he was fourth). He ran in the International Junior XC in 1980 and 1981 (when he finished 31st and first Scot). Then he took part in the 1981 European Clubs XC championship and played his part in the ESH team that won the 1981 Six-Stage Road Relay.

Kenneth GLASS (27.08.58)  Dundee HS, Dundee Hawkhill, Edinburgh Univ, Edinburgh
400m 48.5 (1979); 800m 1.48.90 (1981).
Ken was a Scottish International track athlete between 1979 and 1981, at 400m, 4x400m and 800m. He won two Scottish Championship medals: 400m bronze in 1979; and 800m bronze in 1981.

James GOLDER Beith, Ayrshire, Edinburgh Southern Harriers
3.53.6 (1977); 5000m; 14.39.3 (1977).
Jim won a bronze medal in the 1976 Scottish Championship Indoor 1500m. He ran for Ayrshire AC in five E to G Relays: 3rd on Stage 1 in 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979; and 1980, when he was fifth on Stage 1.

Brian GOODWIN (21.03.1943-2.09.2007) Bellahouston Harriers  –  see full profile
3 Miles 14.20.2 (1964); 5000m 14.47.6 (1971); Steeplechase 9.21.2 (1963); 6 Miles 29.26.0 (1965); 10,000m (30.24.6 (1971); Marathon 2.29.56 (1967).
Brian won a bronze medal in the 1968 Scottish Championship 6 Miles. Between 1962 and 1973 he ran the E to G for Bellahouston twelve times, including 1970, when he was third on Stage One and his team finished 7th. Then for many years, he was a well-known official.

William GOODWIN Bellahouston
6 Miles 30.20.4 (1959)
Elder brother of Brian.
Billy won a bronze medal in the 1959 Scottish Championship 6 Miles. That year he was first in the Junior National XC and the Junior Midlands XC championships. In the E to G, Bellahouston won gold in 1958; and silver in 1959 and 1960.

Alan D. GORDON (b. 21.09.1932, d. 2014) Achilles – see full profile
1500m 3.47.8 (1959); 1 Mile 4.06.0 (1959). He was ranked first in Scotland for both distances that year.
Alan ran One Mile for Scotland in 1957; and also in the 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games.
(On 6th May, 1954, running for Oxford University on the Iffley Road track, he finished fourth in the OU v AAA mile, which was won by Roger Bannister in 3.59.4 – the first time four minutes was broken for One Mile.)

Brian J. GORDON (3.06.48)  Aberdeen AAC, Edinburgh AC
400m 48.46 (1974); 800m 1.50.4 (1974)’
Brian was a Scottish International track athlete at 400m, 4x400m and 800m. In 1975 he won the Scottish 600m Indoor title. He was second in the 300m Indoors in 1973 and third in 1972 and 1974. In addition, he secured a silver medal in the 1974 400m; and bronze in the 1972 400m and 1973 800m.

Harry GORMAN (8.12.46) Springburn Harriers
3.53.1 (1969); 3 Miles 13.54.2 (1967); 3000m 8.28.2 (1971)

In 1971 Harry won the West District 1500m title.
In the 1970 Senior National, Harry finished a respectable 23rd. He went on to represent SCCU in representative cross-country contests.
Between 1966 and 1976, he ran the E to G ten times, including 1974 (when his club were fourth).

Mark GORMLEY (22.09.61) Cambuslang
3000m 8.20.9 (1991); 5000m 14.33.4 (1991); 10,000m 30.19.61 (1992); Marathon 2.29.41 (1992).
Mark appeared in the Scottish rankings from 1989 to 1994. In the Six Stage Relay, Cambuslang won silver in 1990 and 1993; and bronze in 1993. In the E to G, Mark’s team won 1988 bronze, 1989 silver, 1991 silver, 1993 bronze and 1994 bronze. Mark was fastest on Stage Eight in 1992. In the Senior National they won the team title in 1991 and 1992.

Donald GORRIE (2.4.1933) Achilles – see full profile
Donald won the 1955 Scottish 880 yards title in 1.54.2. At Pitreavie a week later he broke Hamish Stothard’s Scottish Native record with 1.52.9 at an SAAA v Atalanta match. In the AAA Championships he finished a creditable 4th in 1.52.0. A month later he contributed an 800m leg to the winning British medley relay team at the World Student Games.
In 1957 he ran his fastest ever half mile 1.50.8.
In later years he became an M.P. and President of Edinburgh Southern Harriers.

Alan GOURLAY Edinburgh AC

Alan contributed to: E to G 1979 team silver, when he was fastest on Stage 3; gold in the 1981 Senior National cross country championships; and silver in the 1981 6 Stage Road Relay.

George GOVAN  Shettleston Harriers
George won a bronze medal in the 1957 Scottish Championship 3000m Steeplechase (9.36.0). In 1961 he ran the 6 Miles in 31.24.6.
He was third in the 1956 Junior National XC (team silver); and fourth in 1957 (team gold). In the 1959 Senior National, Shettleston Harriers won the team title, with George tenth. In 1961 and 1962, George was in the winning team again.
In the E to G, Shettleston won gold in 1955 and 1959, silver in 1956 and 1958 and bronze in 1957.

Paul GOWANS Edinburgh SH
3.53.0 (1980); 8.23.2 (1979); 14.37.0 (1979)

John E. GRAHAM (18.06.56) Clyde Valley, Birchfield – see full profile
1500m 3.46.66 (1978; 3000m 8.02.8 (1977); Steeplechase 8.39.30 (1978); 5000m 14.01.5 (1977); Marathon 2.09.28 (1981)
John, an extrovert, sociable but very determined, versatile, hard-training runner, broke Scottish records (Native for Steeplechase; National for Marathon), was twice fourth in the Commonwealth Games Marathon (1982 and 1986) and topped the annual Scottish Marathon ranking lists six times. He won silver medals in the Scottish Steeplechase championship in 1978 and 1979.
He was a Scottish International athlete on track, cross-country (Junior and Senior) and road. With Clyde Valley, John won many medals in the National XC; and the E to G (team victories in 1979 – when he was fastest on Stage Two – and 1980).

Alan GRANT (19.04.44)  Coventry Godiva, Shettleston
1500m 3.50.4 (1968); One Mile 4.05.5 (1968); 3000m 8.27.6i (1968); 2 Miles 8.55.0 (1967); 3 Miles 14.00.0 (1968); 6 Miles 29.22.6 (1968); 10,000m 30.27.4 (1971); Marathon 2.25.31 (1969).
Alan was a Scottish International track athlete at One Mile; and won Scottish Championship bronze medals in the 1966 3 Miles and 1967 One Mile. With Shettleston, he won 1969 Senior National team silver.

Graeme D. GRANT (24.05.46) Dumbarton, Heriot Watt Univ, Edinburgh SH – see full profile
400m 49.6 (1971); 440 yards 49.8 (1966); 800m 1.48.2 (1966); 1500m 3.49.5 (1971); One Mile 4.07.8 (1966).
Graeme, a powerful runner, was a Scottish International track athlete at 880 yards, 800m and One Mile. He ran 880 yards and One Mile in the 1966 Commonwealth Games. In the Scottish Championships, he won 880 yards titles in 1965 and 1966 and was third in 1967; then in 1969 he finished second in the 800m. For Dumbarton AC, he ran the E to G each year from 1966-1969.

Kenneth GRANT Army, Dundee Hawkhill Harriers
3 Miles 14.29.6 (1968); 6 Miles 31.07.6 (1966); 10,000m 30-20.0 (1970); Marathon 2-29:00 (1970).
Kenny ran the E to G for Dundee Hawks in 1968 (when they finished 8th), 1969 and 1970. In the 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games Marathon, when several ‘big names’ dropped out, he ran for Gibraltar and finished 22nd – first home from his three-man team.

S. Ian GRAVES (27.05.48)  Dundee Hawkhill, Fife AC
3.51.6 (1974); 32.03.5 (1978); 2.22.19 (1984)
Ian Graves, a popular, versatile athlete, from 1983 preferred to be called Sam. After early success on track and cross-country, he specialised in road running and became a Scottish International Marathon runner, featuring strongly in races like: Perth to Dundee; the Dundee Marathon; and the Two Bridges 36 miles (including 1983, when Fife won a famous team victory).
He won two widely varying Scottish Championship medals: silver in the 1973 Indoor 1500m; and bronze in the 1987 Marathon.
For Dundee Hawks, Ian ran the E to G five times in succession (1968-1972). With Fife, he won ‘most improved’ medals when they were 6th in 1976; then every year to 1982, when they were 6th again; then 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1988. Altogether, he ran in this great road relay 15 times.

David GRAY (23.12.63)  Ayr Seaforth
49.0 (1986); 800m 1.50.7 (1983)
David appeared in the annual Scottish ranking lists between 1982 and 1989.

Michael GREALLY (18.06.60)  Pitreavie
31.24.9 (1994); 2.21.40 (1994)
Michael appeared in the annual Scottish ranking lists between 1989 and 1995.

Frank GRIBBEN  Monkland Harriers, Edinburgh
1500m 3.59.1 (1974); Steeplechase 9.42.6 (1974)

Frank was in the Monkland Harriers Boys and Youths teams as Ronnie MacDonald and was in the winning Youths team at the National in 1970, before he moved to Edinburgh.

Gary GRINDLAY (6.09.63)  Edinburgh Southern, Bingley, Bellahouston, Falkirk Victoria
3000m 8.14.88i (1991); 5000m 14.08.5 (1987)
Gary appeared in the annual Scottish ranking lists between 1987 and 1993. He won a bronze medal in the 1991 Scottish Championship Indoor 3000m.
With ESH, he won team medals in the Senior National XC: gold in 1987; and silver in 1988 (when he was a fine tenth). Gary won another gold in the 1989 Six Stage Relay.
With Falkirk Vics in the E to G, Gary was fastest on Stage 8 in 1989; won team gold in 1990; and silver in 1992 and 1993 (when he was fastest on Stage One).

Thomas GRUBB  Shettleston
Steeplechase 9-41.6 (1970).
Tommy was part of Shettleston teams that won: 1971 Junior National gold; 1972 Senior National XC gold; 1972 English National XC gold; and E to G gold in 1970 and 1971 (when he was fastest on Stage Seven).

Douglas W. GUNSTONE (10.07.50) Dundee Hawkhill, Edinburgh, Highgate, Springburn – see full profile
1500m 3.58.8 (1972); 3000m 8.21.4i (1971); 5000m 14.06.8 (1972); 10,000m (29.25.6); 10 Miles Track 48.55.4 (1975); Marathon 2.19.51 (1978).
Doug was a talented, versatile young runner and a good team man who carved out a very successful athletic career. He was a Scottish International athlete on track, road and cross-country (Junior and Senior). In Scottish Championships he won: gold in the 1975 10,000m (plus two silver and three bronze at the same distance); gold in two Track Ten Miles (1973 and 1975); bronze in the 1975 Indoor; and silver in the 1976 Marathon.
In the E to G, Doug ran three times for DHH; and won five team silvers with EAC. In addition, he secured three silver and one bronze in the Scottish XC Relay; and three successive team golds in the Senior National XC (1974-1976) and another one in 1978.

John GUNSTONE  Glasgow University, Victoria Park
10,000m 31.55.0 (1973); Steeplechase 9.46.4 (1973).
John (younger brother of Douglas) enjoyed his running at university but did not try to emulate his brother’s serious dedication. John was a popular, sociable man who won team bronze with GU in the 1973 Junior National, when he finished tenth; and ran the E to G for GU in 1972, when they were seventh, 1973 and 1974.