Who’s Who of Distance Running: The Letter R

Bill Ramage ahead of Ron Hill in a Vets race

W Joseph Raeburn  (Teviotdale Harriers, Edinburgh Southern Harriers)

Personal Bests: 1500m: 3.59.0  1970; 1 mile: 4.22.1   1964; 3000m: 8.33.4i   1972; 2 miles: 9.26.2   1966; 3 miles: 14.22.0   1968 ; 5000m: 14.36.8; 3000m S/C: 9.23.0  1970

‘Jock’ Raeburn was one of a number of Teviotdale Harriers (eg Craig Douglas, Ian Elliot, Brian Mather) who moved to ESH and strengthened the Edinburgh club and widened their own competition opportunities. In the E to G he ran for Teviotdale several times but won a bronze medal with ESH in 1971.

William Ramage  (Springburn Harriers)

Personal Bests:  Marathon: 2.46.18   1975

Bill Ramage worked as a civil servant and travelling as he did for his job always joined the local club. . Starting with Edinburgh Eastern Harriers, he moved to London and joined Cambridge Harriers; when he returned to Edinburgh he rejoined Edinburgh Eastern; when he went to Newcastle he joined the Gateshead Congers (NOT Gateshead Harriers) and when they folded he joined up with Gosforth Harriers.   On returning to Scotland, he joined Springburn Harriers.   (While in England he had run for Edinburgh AC in the Edinburgh to Glasgow Race).  As a member of Springburn Harriers he raced in all cross-country championship and road races including the Edinburgh to Glasgow.  He had won medals in the E-G as a member of Edinburgh Eastern when they won the medals for the most meritorious unplaced performance.  When Walter Ross started up the Scottish Veteran Harrier Club Bill was one of the very first members and an enthusiastic member at that.   The picture above shows Bill in a Scottish Vets vest leading Ron Hill up the finishing straight.

Hugh Rankin Kilmarnock – see full profile

Personal Bests: 6 miles: 31.05.2   1959

Kenneth Rankin Central Region, Edinburgh AC, Falkirk Victoria

Personal Bests: 1500m: 3.54.3   1981; 3000m: 8.19.1  1991; 5000m: 14.19.5  1991

Ken ran the E to G for Falkirk seven times and won team silver in 1992 (when he was second on Stage One) and also in 1993.

Stuart Rankin Falkirk Victoria, Army

Personal Bests: 3000m: 8.21.43 1996   ; 5000m: 14.33.99   1996; 3000m S/C: 9.30.6  1996

Stuart was a good Youth, Junior and Young Senior who was a member of the Scottish Development Squad in the mid-1980’s and a regular member of the FVH team until he joined the Army.   

Alan Ratcliffe Royal Navy, Pitreavie

Personal Bests: Marathon: 2.35.06  1977

Alan ran very well in the 36 miles Two Bridges race, with three top ten finishes – his best one was 4th in 1976.

Alan Reid, Fraserburghsee full profile

Alan was an irrepressibly cheerful character who trained and raced very hard, often to self-destruction. Nevertheless, he had a great deal of success. For many years, he was usually the best cross-country runner in North District, winning the XC title many times, and also ran for Scotland. Many road races were won, such as the Aberdeen 10k and Half Marathon and the Inverness Half Marathon. Perhaps his greatest feats were in ultra-distance events, including winning the British 100km championship, two Scottish 50km titles, the Two Bridges and the Barry 40. He ran for GB in three World 100km Championships.

Alasdair Reid Glasgow University, Victoria Park, OSC Dortmund (Ger)

Personal Bests: 3000m: 8.20.2  1976; 5000m: 14.20.1  1978; 10,000m: 30.33.2  1976; 10 miles: 52.30.4  1972;  Marathon: 2.19.43  1980

Alastair ran cross country for GU and Scottish Universities. He ran the E to G twice. Then he moved abroad and his times improved to a really good standard.

Graham Reid, Aberdeen Univ., Edinburgh SH

Born 10th February 1942. Personal Bests: 880y: 1.54.7 1966; 800m: 1.54.1  1963; 1 mile: 4.13.1  1965

Many years after running well for Aberdeen University, Graham succeeded as a veteran, winning indoor and outdoor M60 Scottish titles at 800m and 1500m.

J Reid, West Kilbride AC

He was a Scottish International track athlete at One Mile. In addition, he ran for Scotland in the 1947 and 1949 International Cross Country championships.   The brother of Robert Reid.

Laurence Reid East Kilbride

3000m S/C: 9.38.9  1965

Robert Reid, Doon Harriers, Birchfield – see full profile

Scottish cross-country champion in 1939 and 1950, he was one of those athletes whose career was seriously diminished by the War years.   He ran forScotland no fewer than eight times.

T.D. REID, Larkhall YMCA Harriers

He ran many Scottish Marathon Club long-distance road races, often linked to Highland Games; and won the Scottish YMCA 10 miles championships in 1955. When Larkhall took part in the 1963 E to G, he ran on the third stage in a team that included Willie Morrison and Bryce McRobert.

Terry Reid Dundee (Hawkhill Harriers, Stirling University)

1500m: 3.52.71  1989

Terry Reid was always on the verge of selection for Scottish teams but never quite made it.   Never lower than fifth in the national age group championships, he won the Youths title in 1987 and finished second in the Junior title race in 1989.   In November 1989 he was part of the Dundee Hawkhill Harriers team that finished first. 

William Reid (Glasgow University, Clydesdale H, Edinburgh SH)

Personal Bests: 800m: 1.53.7 1981; 1500m: 3.56.73  1981

Arthur Reilly (Hercules Wimbledon)

Personal Bests: 800m: 1.54.8; 1500m: 3.47.19; 1 mile: 4.09.4; 3000m: 8.15.4

2nd S.A.A.A. 1500i 1992

Joseph T Reilly (Victoria Park AAC, Liverpool Pembroke Harriers)

Personal Bests: 1500m: 4.00.0  1971; 1 mile: 4.16.8  1965; 2 miles: 9.10.0  1964;  3 miles: 14.05.0  1965; 5000m: 14.50.2  1971; 6 miles: 29.09.2 1965; 10000m: 30.47.0  1970; 3000m S/C: 9.43.0  1966

Joe was a very good runner indeed who had come up through the age groups but shown nothing until his first year as a Junior man.   Having been 23rd and 13th in his two years as a Youth (U17) he was fourth in his first year as a Junior and eighth in his second.   Although never being in the first ten he was generally in the first twenty or so as a Senior.   He ran in seven Edinburgh to Glasgow Relays between 1964 and 1971 before moving to Liverpool.  His track times were more impressive – see the pb’s above – and he was   third S.A.A.A. 6 miles 1965   He was the older brother of Laurence Reilly who left for Liverpool later than Joe, his family having decided that he should finish his education in Scotland first. 

Laurence M Reilly  (Victoria Park AAC, Liverpool Pembroke Harriers, Sale Harriers, Stamford  – see full profile

Personal Bests: ; 800m: 1.53.2  1980; 1500m: 3.46.8  1978; 1 mile: 4.06.0  1978; 3000m: 8.00.4  1978; 5000m: 13.54.6  1976; 10000m: 28.58.75  1975; Marathon: 2.26.29  1987

Laurie was third in the  S.A.A.A. 5000m 1978, ranked 3rd in Scotland over 10000m 1975 & 3rd over 5000m in 1976

 William Rennie (Shettleston Harriers)

Personal Bests: Marathon: 3.09.53  1968

 Robert Renton Teviotdale Harriers

Personal Bests 3000m S/C: 9.38.0 1959

Renton was a member of Teviotdale Harriers who ran for the club in both Edinburgh to Glasgow and National cross-country whose best years seemed to be 1958 and 1959 when he was still a Junior.   On the track he was third in the  S.A.A.A. 3000m Steeplechase in 1959.   

George Reynolds Elgin,Aberdeen AAC,  RAF -see full profile

Personal Bests: Marathon: 2.20.41  1983

George was one of the many Aberdeen AAC members to win the SAAA Marathon, his year being 1984.

Tom Rhodes (Cambuslang Harriers)

Personal Bests : 3000m S/C: 9.49.2  1988

Alastair J Riddell  (RMA Sandhurst)

Personal Bests: 800m: 1.51.0  1970; 1500m: 3.56.0  1969; 1 mile: 4.12.8 1969; Marathon: 2.48.00  1969

Mark Rigby (Westerlands) won the Scottish Hill Running Championship in 1995, 1998 and 2002.

Graeme A Riley  (Pitreavie AAC, Royal Navy)

Personal Bests: 1500m: 3.51.14  1983; 3000m S/C: 9.00.1  1983;  

Graham was ranked 2nd in Scotland over 3000m S/C 1983

Gordon Rimmer (RAF, Cambuslang Harriers) – see full profile

1500m:  3:45.7   1980;  3000m:  7:57.8   1983;   5000m:  13:48.14   1979;   10000m: 29:54.4   1977;  2000m S/chase: 5:34.21   1979;  3000m S/chase:  8:26.6   1980.

Gordon Rimmer

Steve Rimmer RAF, (Cambuslang Harriers)

Personal Bests: 800m: 1.51.9  1980; 1500m: 3.46.4  1980; 1 mile: 4.08.37  1980; 3000m: 8.11.4  1980
Steve was third in the S.A.A.A. 1500m 1979.   The twin brother of Gordon Rimmer

The track results above give an indication of Steve’s quality but he was also a top class cross-country and roadrunner who helped his club to many gold, silver and bronze medals.   eg in 1980 he was fastest in the race on the eighth stage bringing Cambuslang home in second place.   

Donald Ritchie  (Aberdeen AAC)  – see full profile

6 Miles: 30:32.4  1968;  10000m: 30:58.0   191971;   10 Miles:  49:54   1971;  Marathon:   2:19:35   1983

One of Scotland’s most remarkable athletes ever with several world beating times in ultra marathon races on the road and even on the track.   

Alan Roach (Greenock Wellpark Harriers)

Personal Bests: Marathon: 2.39.42  1977

Alexander Robertson (Pitreavie AAC)

Personal Bests: Marathon: 2.35.38  1979

Alexander Robertson (7/05/56)  Edinburgh Southern Harriers

3000m: 8:28.47 1981; 5000m: 14:34.8 1981; 3000m S/chase: 9:03.8 1978; 

Alex Robertson was a valuable team man and a decent steeplechaser and road runner.  He was the son of Hamish Robertson, the ESH secretary and 1950’s road runner.   Alex was in 4 winning teams in the Edinburgh to Glasgow relay, as well as 4 winning teams in the Six Stage Road Relay. In the 1982 Tom Scott Ten miles he ran 48.58; and later that year 10,000m in 30.40.2. His best marathon was 2.28.10 in 1985. Alex raced internationally for Scotland four times: twice over 3000 Metres Steeplechase; once for 3000 Metres flat; and once for Marathon.

Alexander W Robertson (2/02/52)  Edinburgh SH

3000m S/chase: 9:50.47  198

Andy Robertson Spango Valley AAC, the Army – see full profile

Marathon:  2:14:23   1979;   10,000m  30:24.61

Andy was a prolific sub 2:20 marathon runner who won the AAA marathon championship in 1980 and ran for Britain on the roads and for Scotland over 10,000m on the track. 

Charles D Robertson, Dundee Hawkhill Harriers – see full profile

Twice winner of the SAAA marathon championships with a silver medal too, Chic was a good cross-country runner too and ran for his country four times in the ICCU International cross-country championship.

Donald McNab Robertson, Maryhill Harriers  –  see full profile

With six AAA’s marathon wins before 1939, and then a superb career after the war starting with the first post-war SAAA marathon championship, he has to be one of Britain’s, never mind Scotland’s, all time greats. He was still breaking age group world records in his 80s.

Graham Robertson Maryhill Harriers

Graham was a member of the club throughout the 70, 80’s and 90’s turning out with Mike and Andy Gallagher, Gordon Grubb and others in all the cross-country and road events and championships as a team member.

Hamish Robertson (Edinburgh Southern Harriers)

Father of Alex Robertson. Hamish ran Edinburgh to Glasgow Relays after the War, with a total of seven covering stages 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and was a member of the team that won bronze in 1953. In the 1954 Senior National XC, he secured another team bronze.  He ran in all the major cross-country championships too.   The career of his near namesake WA Robertson overlapped with Hamish’s and they ran in several teams together. As a marathon runner, Hamish finished 7th in the 1953 Scottish Marathon, 5th in 1955 and 6th in 1957 (in 2.46.07). For many years he was a well-respected, very encouraging Secretary for ESH.

James Robertson Cambuslang H

Personal Bests: 10000m: 31.35.87  1988

John Robertson Edinburgh University, Aberdeen AAC.

Personal Bests: 10,000m 33.31.7 (1982); Marathon: 2.30.45 (1982)

John ran the E to G for EU five times in succession between 1976 and 1980. In 1982 he was part of the 10-man Aberdeen team that smashed the John o’Groats to Land’s End relay record. Then in the 1982 E to G, Aberdeen won bronze medals.


Lindsay Robertson (Edinburgh AC) –  see full profile

3000m:  8:29.0   1981;  5000m: 14:27:84   1987;   10000m:  30:25.54   1981;  Marathon:  2:13:30   1987

Lindsay Robertson

M Robertson (Edinburgh AC)

Personal Bests: 3000m S/C: 9.53.89  1988

William Robertson (Bellahouston Harriers)

Personal Bests: 5000m: 14.25.2  1988 ;10000m: 29.56.12  1988; Marathon: 2.20.42  1986

Billy was a remarkable runner: a football player for an East Kilbride team who had run the 1984 Glasgow marathon ‘for the experience’ and clocked 3:16,  he started running properly in 1995 and 12 months later he was seventh in the Glasgow Marathon in 2:20:42, was consequently picked for the Nuremberg Marathon to represent Glasgow and finished second in that one.   He joined Bellahouston Harriers and his career as a top class marathon and endurance runner just took off.   Note the pb’s above for confirmation!   Training and racing with Bellahouston and doing sessions with Peter McGregor’s group at Crown Point he became one of the bets in the country.   His career is covered in four pages of the “Scotland’s Runner” for December 1986.    On the track, he was third in Scottish 10000m championship in 1988 and it says a lot that in the Edinburgh to Glasgow relay he ran in three races on stages two and six and always gained at least one place. 

WA Robertson  (Edinburgh Southern Harriers)

Robertson’s career lasted from approximately 1950 to 1961 and he represented the club in all races at the time.   In the National championships he finished as high as eighteenth and helped the team to third place in 1954 and in the E-G he eight times turning in the fastest time on the fierce second stage in 1953 and ran on stages 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8.

Chris Robison (Royal Navy, Spango Valley,Shettleston, Inverclyde) –  see full profile

1500m:  3:50.69   1997;  3000m:  7:58.6   1986;  2 Miles: 8:41.20  1986;  5000m:  13:55.7   1982;  10000m:  28:39.85  1986;  Marathon: 2:22:21989

Chris was an English runner who moved home permanently to Scotland and turned in many excellent performances, winning many individual and team medals and representing Scotland in the Commonwealth Games in 1994.

Alan ROBSON, Edinburgh Southern, Racing Club

10,000m 29.42.2 1989; Marathon 2.21.39 1989

For ESH, Alan contributed to many team medals: in the E to G, bronze in 1987 and 1990 (when he was fastest on Stage Six) and silver in 1988; gold in the 1987 Scottish Cross-Country Relay; another victory in the 1987 6 Stage Road Relay; and gold in the 1987 Senior National Cross-Country, as well as silver in 1990. After that he had many successes for the Scottish Select known as Racing Club etc.

Alan was the younger brother of John Robson

John Robson (Edinburgh Southern, Racing Club) – see full profile

John was one of the finest ever Scottish milers and with Graham Williamson and Frank Clement was part of a national golden age for the event.   Equally at home on the road and over the country, he gained international honours in them all.   You need to read the full profile – just click on his name above in blue.

David Rodgers, Lochaber AC
2000: Marathon 2.28.53
David won the Ben Nevis race in 1991 and was second in 1992. He was Scottish Hill Running champion in 1990 and 1993. He ran for Scotland in the World Hill Running Championships Long Race (1989, 1990, 1993, 1994). David and his younger brother Billy both ran for Scotland in the 1991 WHRC Short Race. David won the Carnethy 5 in 2003. In 2010, representing Cambuslang Harriers, he became Scottish Masters M40 Cross-Country champion and also secured the first team award.

 Bobby Ronald East Kilbride AC

Personal Bests: 10,000m: 31.42.2  1989; Marathon: 2.25.27  1986

A very good and reliable runner for East Kilbride, Bobby Ronald ran in every sort of race on all surfaces including 14 successive Edinburgh to Glasgow relays between 1975 and 1988, covering stages 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. A highlight was in 1977 when EK finished 6th – an excellent result for an “all local” team.

Bobby ran for Scotland in the 1987 Aberdeen Marathon and finished third Scottish counter in a team which lost to England but beat Wales.

Andrew Ross, Edinburgh University

Andrew won two successive team gold medals in the 1950 and 1951 Scottish Junior National XC championships, finishing second and fourth respectively.

Alexander Ross Kilbarchan H

Personal Bests: 3000m S/C: 9.57.0  1988

Alistair Ross Edinburgh SH

Personal Bests: 3 miles: 14.42.0 1961; 6 miles: 30.57.6  1961; 3000m S/C: 9.25.6  1962

Alistair’s competitive record: second  in S.A.A.A. 3000m S/Chase 1961, ranked third in Scotland over 3000m S/C 1961. He ran for Scotland in the 1961 International Cross-Country championships; and was a Scottish International track steeplechaser.    ESH won silver medals in the E to G: in 1962 and 1963 – when he was fastest on Stage Three. In the Senior National, Alistair contributed to team silver in 1961 and 1963.

Colin Ross Shettleston Harriers

Personal Bests: 5000m: 14.45.1  1987; 10000m: 30.54.58  1987; Marathon: 2.24.49  1986

Colin Ross did not have a long career but he worked hard and had a fairly successful one – a 2:24 marathon is a very good run and it did not stop there, he had good runs in the Edinburgh to Glasgow, all the cross-country championships and in the track league for Shettleston.  

Craig Ross trailing Chris Robison

Craig Ross Fife AC, Highgate, Aberdeen AAC, Dundee Hawhill Harriers

Personal Bests: 3000m: 8.29.07  1986; 5000m: 14.27.63  1985; 10000m: 29.57.84  1985; 3000m S/C: 9.34.9   1979; Marathon: 2.20.59  1984

Craig Ross had a range of ability which combined with a good racing temperament made him a valuable part of any team. He was an invaluable member of the Aberdeen team which won the 1983 E to G; and for Dundee contributed to team silver in the 1989 Six Stage Road Relay, and bronze in the 1989 Scottish XC Relay. Between 1982 and 1987 he ran four marathons wearing a Scotland vest – Edinburgh, Barcelona, Aberdeen and Bridgend in Wales.

David Ross, Edinburgh SH

1500m:  3:55.8   1978

David ROSS, Edinburgh Southern, Racing Club

For ESH, David contributed to: gold in the 1989 Scottish 6 Stage Road Relay and bronze in 1990; silver in the 1988 E to G and bronze in 1990; and silver in the 1990 Senior National XC. After that he had many successes for the Scottish Select known as Racing Club etc.

James C Ross, Shettleston Harriers

In May 1949, James was in the team which won the first post-war E to G. In the 1948 Senior National Cross-Country, his team won the title , with James finishing 9th. They retained the championship on 1949 and 1950. He added bronze medals in 1951 and 1952. 

John Ross Strathclyde University. Victoria Park AAC

Personal Bests: 800m: 1.54.5 1970 ; 1500m: 3.52.3  1970

Norman Ross Edinburgh SH

Personal Bests: 2 miles: 9.40.8  1959; 3 miles: 14.23.8  1960; 6 miles: 30.26.6  1960; Marathon: 2.32.59  1963

Norman was 2nd in the S.A.A.A 6 miles 1962. He ran for ESH in teams which won the Scottish Senior National Cross-Country in 1964 and 1965; he had already won a silver medal in 1963. In the E to G, Norman was fastest on Stage One in 1959, when ESH was fourth; and won silver in 1961 and 1962.

Walter J Ross, Garscube Harriers – see full profile

Walter started the Scottish Veteran Harriers Club in 1970. He was a member of IGAL and set up World and European Veteran Championships in many countries. Walter printed ‘The Scots Athlete’ magazine in 1946 – before any other magazine in Scottish athletics was thought about. He joined Garscube Harriers in the 1930’s and was a keen runner although not a speedy one. He never made the scoring six in the National Cross-Country Championship or the Edinburgh to Glasgow team but he was always there for the inter-club events. Walter ran in the Ben Nevis race in 1970 finishing in a time of 2:21:52. He ran mainly in road races but won the Scottish M50 championship in 1973 (7 seconds in front of Gordon Porteous) having finished third the year before – and also in the inaugural SVHC event in 1971. Then in 1979 he won M60 bronze behind his friend Emmet Farrell and James Youngson of Aberdeen.

Walter’s influence spread beyond men’s athletics: he was a big source of inspiration an encouragement for Dale Greig, world marathon record holder.   He also encouraged women’s running in Scotland by giving Dale a column in his athletics magazines

John S Rough St. Andrew’s Univ., Edinburgh SH

Personal Bests: 6 miles: 31.02.6  1965

William Rowan Ayr Seaforth

Personal Bests: 3000m S/C: 9.49.6  1871

James Rowley Law & District AAC

Personal Bests: Marathon: 2.34.52  1982

James was a longtime runner for Law and District and was a member of teams which included Doug Frame, Hugh Forgie and Jim Thomson.  James ran the E to G eight times for Law, between 1972 and 1982. As a veteran, he ran for Scotland several times in the British and Irish Masters Cross-Country International.

AT ROY, St Modan’s AAC

Roy was a good track runner and an almost ever-present in the cross-country season for the club in all major cross-country championships from the Under 17 age group and upwards,  and also ran in two Edinburgh to Glasgow relays.

Douglas Runcieman, Aberdeen University, Cambuslang

1990 5000m 14.31.29; 1991 10,000m 30.05.38; 1994 3000m Steeplechase 9.36.70

Douglas was especially good as a cross-country runner, finishing third in the Scottish Senior National Cross-Country in 1993. He first appeared in the Scottish rankings in 1987, when he was studying at AU, but his best performances were for Cambuslang. He contributed to Senior National Cross-Country team gold in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994; and added three silver medals, one bronze and one gold (1993) in the Scottish Cross-Country Relay; and silver and bronze in the E to G.



Alaister Russell

Alaister Russell – Law & District AAC, Border Harriers – see full profile

1500m:  3:56.3  1992; 3000m: 8:16.3  1991;  5000m: 14:17.1   1996;  10000m: 29:52.16   1995

Alaister was a wonderful runner, particularly over the country where he won the national  Under 15 championship in 1984, Under 17 title in both 1985 and 1986, and the Under 20 title in 1987.   He represented Scotland in the IAAF Junior World Championships in 1985, ’86 and ’87.   Thereafter Scotland was ineligible to enter a team after the rule change.  

Gordon Russell Perth Strathtay, Boxhill, Newham, Oxford City

Personal Bests: 1500m: 3.58.5  1982; 2000m S/C: 5.51.9  1988; 3000m S/C: 8.55.67  1985; 

3rd in S.A.A.A. 300m S/C 1985

James Russell, Victoria Park

He ran for Scotland in the 1957 and 1958 International XC championships. For Victoria Park, he contributed to team gold medals in: the E to G (1956 and 1957 – when he was fastest on Stage Three); and the Senior National (1957, 1957 – when he was fourth – and 1958).

Jim Russell Bellahouston Harriers

Personal Bests: 3000m S/C: 9.35.4  1975;  Marathon: 2.28.02  1979

Jim was a member of Bellahouston Harriers and racing for them at the same time as Frank Clement, George Braidwood and all the runners of the 1970’s and 80’s.   He ran in the Edinburgh to Glasgow as well as in all the championship cross-country races.  

P Russell, Greenock Glenpark Harriers

In 1989 he was part of the team which won the Scottish XC Relay. He ran the E to G in 1989 and 1991.

Timothy Russell Edinburgh SH

Personal Bests: Marathon: 2.38.49   1969

Willie Russell Monkland Harriers, Shettleston Harriers

Personal Bests: 1 hour: 17516m  1970; Marathon: 2.31.04   1971

Willie had a long career as a distance runner running in the Monkland colours for many years on the track, over the country and on the roads at all distances.  When reaching the veteran stage, he switched to Shettleston Harriers and became a well known ultra distance runner. For example, in 1970 he finished second in the Edinburgh to Glasgow 45 miles; and the Two Bridges 36 miles. He had a good career as a veteran: winning the inaugural SVHC XC in 1971; and finishing second M40 in the Scottish Veterans Cross Country Championships in 1974; and also won medals as M55, M75 and M80.

Mike Ryan – see full profile

St Modans, New Zealand

Personal Bests: 880y: 1.58.5; 1 mile: 4.05.1; 3 miles: 13.27.0; 6 miles: 28.10.0

3rd in 1968 Olympic Marathon, 3rd in 1966 Commonwealth Marathon (Representing New Zealand in both)

3rd in S.A.A.A. 1 mile 1961