Women’s A – Z: Dean – Gunstone

SWAAA 1500m 1985.   Evelyn Gisbey on the left, Elspeth Turner 85 and Susan Crawford 5


Hazel Dean was born on 5/2/1963 and ran for Central AC. In the Scottish Senior National Cross-Country Championships, she contributed to team bronze in 2005 and 2008; as well as Scottish Cross-Country Relay bronze in 2004 and silver in 2006; and Scottish Road Relay gold in 2008. In the Scottish Masters XC Championships, Hazel won the W40 title in 2004 and 2005, after bronze in 2003 (when Central AC won team gold – they regained that title in 2009). In 2009, she became W45 Champion. She added W50 silver in 2015; and W55 silver in 2019. Back in 2008 and 2009, Hazel Dean won Masters bronze in the Scottish Half Marathon Championships. In 2011, she added Masters bronze in the Scottish 10k Road.

Alison Docherty was born on 12/6/1979 and ran for Ayr Seaforth and Central AC. She raced cross-country for Scotland in 2010, finishing 3rd Scot v England and Wales. In 2008, Alison’s 10,000m time of 37.23.09 ranked fourth (and won a Scottish Championship bronze medal); and in 2010, her marathon (2.55.11) ranked sixth. In the Scottish Senior National XC Championships, Alison featured in Central AC teams which won bronze medals in 2008 and 2010; and won the title in 2009 (when Alison was Central’s first finisher in 9th position). Her team also won the 2007 Scottish XC Relay and the 2008 Scottish Road Relay. Alison won bronze medals in the 2008 and 2009 Scottish 10k Road Race.

Anne Docherty was born on 11/3/1945 and ran for Forres Harriers and the Scottish Veteran Harrier club. She had ‘always’ been a swimmer, but took up running with encouragement from Forres Harriers. Between the ages of 60 and 70 plus, she was a real asset to Scottish and British Masters Athletics, having won Scottish and British cross-country titles as well as the British Masters W65 marathon championship. In the British and Irish Masters International XC, Anne raced for Scotland several times, the highlight being a W70 team victory in 2016.

Kay Dodson was born on 23/12/46 and raced for Law & District AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club, Road Runners Club and Carnethy Hill Runners. Kay ran well on road and cross-country. In XC, her best races took place during the winter of 1985/86, when she won the West District women’s vets cross-country championship at Lanark racecourse and the Scottish National women’s vets cross-country championship at Irvine. In 1988 she became SVHC hill race champion at Campsie Hill. Kay Dodson ran many marathons (personal best; 3.03.28), and won the Motherwell Marathon three times plus Lochaber, Dumfries and (first veteran) at Inverclyde. Even longer distances were successful ventures: Brechin 24-hours road (where she set a Scottish record distance); West Highland Way (first woman); 1992 South Downs Way Race (World Trail Championship 80 miles – first W45); Two Bridges 36; Bolton 40 (first woman); London to Brighton. Kay Dodson was SVHC President and edited the club’s newsletter for several years.

Aileen Drummond (Lusk) was born in 1928 and ran for Maryhill Harriers, Western and the SVHC. In the 1950s, she won the Scottish One Mile track title and broke the Scottish record three times. In 1954, she ran for Scotland v England on the track in a 3×880 yards relay. In addition, she ran three cross-country matches for Scotland (1954-1956), twice finishing first Scot. Aileen was Scottish WAAA 880y champion in 1954 and 55 (she also won bronze in the 1954 English WAAA event); Mile Champion in 1953, 54 and 55; and Cross-Country champion 1954 to 1956 (leading Maryhill H to three team titles). After ‘retirement’ (to have a family) she started racing on the track again in 1967. Encouraged by her friend Dale Greig, Aileen Lusk competed in cross-country again and also in road races. As a pioneer veteran, she had considerable success: silver or bronze medals in three IGAL (World Veterans) 10k Championships; plus (in 1975 and 1977) fourth places in the Scottish Women Veteran Runners Association cross-country championships – the Veterans category was for women over 35, but in 1975 Aileen was well over 45 – and would race for at least ten more years. Truly a long and impressive career for a talented, determined and well-respected lady.     Read her full profile here.

Sheila Duncan ran for Edinburgh Harriers. In 1957 she won the Scottish 880 yards track title in 2.26.8, from Joan King (Streatham) and Marion Macaulay of Edinburgh Harriers. In the 1958 Scottish National Cross-Country Championships, Sheila finished fourth and led Edinburgh Harriers to team silver medals. In 1960, she secured individual silver in the Scottish Championship 880 yards.

Marie Duthie was born on 30/3/1959 and ran for Fraserburgh AC. She was French; and very successful in North-East Scotland road and XC events. Marie was North District Cross-Country Champion in 1990, 1998 and 2001. In 1990, she won the Scottish Athletics 10,000m title. Her  winning time was 36.41.84, which was fourth in the annual rankings.

Agnes Elder ran for Maryhill Harriers. In the 1954 Scottish National XC, she finished fifth and Maryhill won the team title. Agnes, as one of the first six, was selected to run for Scotland v England at Birmingham – the first International since World War Two. In that event, Agnes was 9th (third Scot). She was fifth once more in the 1955 National, Maryhill won, and Agnes ran again for Scotland v England, this time at Ayr, where she finished twelfth.

Alexandra Ercolani, (18.08.75, Glasgow University, City of Glasgow)   was a consistently good runner over the traditional grouping of 800m, 1500m and 3000m with best times of 2:10.9, 4:40.8 and 10:38.7i respectively.

Esther Evans [WAL] (22.12.73, Strathclyde University, City of Glasgow) ran in Scotland between 1996 and 1998 inclusive and had best times of 2:13.25i for 800m (2:15.3 outdoors), 4:40.8 (1500m) and 10:38.7i for 300m.   Esther was second in the Scottish indoor 1500m in 1996. 

Andrea Everett (Paolillo) as born on 22.06.64 and ran for Bannerman HS, Shettleston, Glasgow and Purdue University (USA). She was the daughter of Graham Everett, a famous Scottish athlete. In Scottish Athletics Championships, she won the Senior 3000m title in 1984, won a silver medal at that distance in 1985, plus bronze medals in the 1981 and 1982 1500m. In the 1986 Commonwealth Games, Andrea Everett finished ninth in the 10,000m. In the annual Scottish rankings lists, Andrea was second: in 1984, 1985 and 1986 (5000m); in 1986 and 1987 (10,000m); and in 1999 (marathon). Her personal bests were: 1500m ( 4.20.21); 3000m (9.17.70); 5000m (16.17.1 Indoors); 10,000m (33.40.6 in the 1986 CG).  For Scotland, between 1983 and 1986, she ran six track International matches, racing five over 3000m (including a win in the 1983 contest v Iceland, Israel and Northern Ireland – Scotland won that match) and one over 10,000m. Andrea Everett ran cross-country for Scotland in 1984, in the IAAF World Championships at East Rutherford, USA. Previously, representing Glasgow AC, she had finished second in the 1984 Scottish Senior National XC championships. Her team won silver medals too. (Shettleston Ladies had secured bronze in 1982, when Andrea was fifth.)   The picture below is from 1982.

Collette Fagan was born on 6/6/1982 and ran for City of Glasgow AC. In the 2001 Junior World Cross at Ostend, Collette Fagan, representing GB, finished 38th (third Briton) and the UK team did well to be 6th from 23. Collette won the Scottish under-20 National XC title in 2002; and the Senior National title in 2005. On the track, she won bronze at the European Junior 5000 in 2001 and was 5th two years later at the European U23s. In 2000, Collette was part of the winning GB junior team at the European Cross-Country, placing 9th in the individual event. As a Senior, Collette ran for Scotland four times on the track; and twice on cross-country, including in Liverpool, November 2003, when Kathy Butler, Susan Partridge, Collette Fagan and Freya Murray helped Scotland to defeat England. She won the Scottish 10km title on the road in 2003.She was first in the Scottish 5000m championship in 2004 (when she was third in the AAA as well) and retained the Scottish 5000m title in 2005. Collette Fagan ran for Scotland in the 2006 Commonwealth Games 10,000m, finishing twelfth. Career bests of 4:29.2 (1500), 9:15.18 (3000), 15:49.51 (5000), 33:00.31 (10,000) and 2:45:11 marathon.

Sheila Fairweather was born on 24/11/1977 and ran for City of Glasgow AC and Glasgow University Hares and Hounds. Sheila was a brilliant, very talented athlete who died tragically young. She won the Scottish National XC under-17 title in 1995 and the under-20 XC championship in 1998. Sheila ran for Scotland in three Junior XC Internationals; and one Senior XC International. She ran for GB in the 1996 World Cross at Stellenbosch, South Africa. In 1997 she became Scottish Athletics Senior 5000m title holder; and at British level won 3000m silver in 1999 and 10,000m bronze in 2001. In 2001, Sheila Fairweather won individual bronze in the Scottish Senior National XC championships; then she ran well for Scotland in a Senior International at Loughborough against England, Wales and two other sides, finishing third in the 3000m.

Cathie Farrell (Clydesdale Harriers) was a good hill runner in the 1980’s and early 90’s who finished 18th in the Women’s Hill Running Championships in 1989 and 9th in 1990.   

Molly Ferguson (Wilmoth) ran for Springburn H and became not only a successful athlete but also a really important and well-respected official and administrator. In the Scottish National XC Championships, she finished fourth in 1954 and 1955, leading Springburn Harriers to team silver medals on both occasions. Molly ran in three International XC matches against England (1954-1956), finishing fourth Scottish counter in all three. In the Scottish Athletics Track Championships, she won the 880 yards in 1956 and 1958; as well as securing bronze medals in 1954, 1955 and 1959. Molly Wilmoth and Aileen Drummond became the first women to serve on the Scottish Veteran Harriers Club committee; and Molly became the first woman to be President. She was also the first woman to be President of the SWCCU. Molly Wilmoth and her husband Danny were awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards by Scottish Athletics in 2004.   Read more about Molly here.

Jacqui Ferrari ran for Pitreavie AAC. In the Scottish Senior National XC Championships, she contributed to team bronze medals in 1985; 1986; and 1987 (when she was also 3rd W35). In the Scottish Masters XC Championships, she secured W45 bronze in 1997, when Pitreavie AAC won team gold medals. In 1987, Jacqui Ferrari (W35) won the Glenrothes Half Marathon outright.

Susan Finch was born on 11/9/1962 and ran for City of Glasgow AC. In the Scottish Senior National XC Championships, Susan contributed to team silver in 2002 (when she finished 11th). City of Glasgow AC won the Scottish XC Relays in 2003, 2004 and 2007; and the Scottish Road Relays in 2001 and 2002. In the Scottish Masters XC Championships, Susan Finch was W35 Champion in 2002; won the W40 title in 2007; and W45 in 2008.

Lisa Finlay (from Northern Ireland) was born on 13/7/1969 and ran for Dumfries Running Club. She became Scottish Marathon champion in 2011; and won silver medals in 2012 and 2013. Lisa won Scottish Masters gold for: 10k road in 2014; 10 miles road in 2014 and 2016; Half Marathon in 2015; and Marathon in 2011, 2013 and 2017.

Frances Florence was born on 6/7/1959 and ran for Shettleston Harriers/Ladies. In 1998, she won a silver medal in the Scottish Marathon Championships. Her personal best was 3.03.08 and she ranked in the Scottish top six on two occasions. In the Scottish Senior National XC Championships, Shettleston (including Frances) won team bronze in 1998 and gold in 2002, when she finished 8th. In the Scottish Masters XC Championships, Frances won the W40 title in 2002 (and team silver). In the Scottish Senior Half Marathon, she secured a bronze medal in 2007.

Jean Folan,  (15.07.51)Edinburgh Southern Harriers, 1500m and 3000m in 1977 and 1978 with bests of 4:38.6 and 10:13.9.

Susan Foster was born on 30/5/1945 and ran for Aldershot, Farnham and District. Susan finished third in the 1969 Scottish National XC. Consequently, she ran for Scotland in the 1969 ICCU International match, over a hilly 3km course at Dalmuir, Scotland, and finished 22nd (second counter behind Margaret MacSherry). The Scottish team was fifth. On the track, Susan raced distances between 400m and 3000m. In 1969, she was second in the annual Scottish Athletics rankings for 3000m; and was fourth in 800m and 1500m.

Gillian E. Fowler, (21.01.7, Glasgow   was a runner who represented Scottish Schools and Scottish age group teams and raced 400m, 800m, 1500m.   She had best times of 59.0 (for 400), 1:39.1 for 600m and 2:15.6 for 800m.     

Doreen Fulton ran for Springburn Harriers. In the Scottish National XC Championships, she finished sixth and Springburn second team. In 1956, Doreen was second. In 1957, she finished fourth. Doreen Fulton ran for Scotland in three cross-country internationals against England. Her best performance was in 1957, when she was seventh and first Scot home. In the 1959 National XC, Doreen finished fourth and led Springburn Harriers to the team title. In 1960, this consistent athlete was third and her team finished second. 1961 (fourth and team second again). In 1961, Doreen Fulton won the Scottish Athletics One Mile title (after a very close battle with Anglo-Scot Anne Reilly); and at that distance was ranked second in Scotland.

Clare Gemmell was born on 6/8/1969 and ran for Springburn Harriers. In the Scottish Masters XC Championships, she won the W35 title in 2007, after bronze in 2006. In 2008, when Clare secured W35 silver, Springburn finished third team. In 2009, Clare added Scottish Masters bronze in the 10k Championships.

Marlene Gemmell (Hunter) was born on 21/6/1972 and ran for Strathkelvin Ladies and Springburn Harriers. On the track, from 1990 to 1996 she ran 1500m, 3000m and 5000m. Then from 2013 to 2016 she switched to marathons. In 1988, Marlene ran cross-country as a Junior for Scotland. This match was at Cardiff. She finished second Scot and her team lost to England and Ireland but beat Wales and Northern Ireland. In 1994 Marlene Gemmell won individual bronze in the Scottish Senior National XC Championships; she finished fifth in 1995. As a Senior, in 1994 and 1995, she ran for Scotland twice on cross-country: at the British Championships in Alnwick; at Mallusk (when she was first Scot). She ran for Scotland three times on the road – in the 1994 Glasgow 10k (third Scottish counter); the 1995 Glasgow 10k (fourth Scot); and the 1995 Cardiff 10k (8th and first Scot).

Claire Gibson was born on 25/12/1982 and ran for Kilbarchan AC. In the Scottish National XC Championships, Kilbarchan won under-17 team gold in 2000, with Claire 10th; in 2002, it was under-20 team silver, with Claire 5th. However, Claire’s real strength was on the track. In the Scottish Athletics Championships, she won the Senior 800m in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 plus silver or bronze medals in other years. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Claire Gibson ran 800m and 4x400m for Scotland. In 2012, she won the British Indoor 1500m title. In total, she ran 13 track internationals for Scotland.

Betty Gilchrist was born on 20/9/44 and ran for Ferranti AAC and SVHC. She lived in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years and joined a running group there. Having retired to Scotland, she continued running and said that her five favourite races would be: “Bahrain Marathon Relay; Brampton to Carlisle; Midnight Sun; Porty New Year’s Day; and, of course, Parkrun (great for us older runners)”. (There is fascinating detail on the Bahrain Relay in her full profile.) In the Scottish Masters XC Championships, Betty won the W65 title in 2011 and 2012; and the W70 gold medal in 2015. On the road she won the W70 Scottish 10k in 2019. Betty Gilchrist achieved an impressive clear W70 victory in the 2014 British and Irish Masters Cross Country International. She was second in the age group at the 2015 event; and fourth in 2016, when she led the Scottish Masters W70 team (Betty, Liz Corbett, Anne Docherty) to gold medals.

Evelyn Gisbey  (22.01.64, Glasgow Univ, Ayrshire, Victoria Park, Glasgow, City of Glasgow)  Grant from 88-93 was a member of the British Milers Club and ran well in their races in the 1980’s.   Evelyn had best times of 2:11.4 (800m), 4:26.2 (1500), 5:54.00 (Mile indoors), 9:51.21 (3000m), 17:39.79 (5000m).   Highlights of her competition record in the Scottish championships include: 2nd, 1500m ’84;   2nd i1500 ’87, ’91, ’92;   3rd i3000 ’90.   Evelyn also ran well on the country.

 Sally Goldsmith was born on 18/11/1961 and ran for Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Southern/Woolen Mill. Personal bests: 3000m 9.32.2; Marathon 2.44.20. She was born in England but, in the 1984 Scottish Senior National Cross-Country Championships, was part of the ESH team that won the title, having secured team silver medals in 1983 (and in 1989, when Sally finished fifth). She also contributed to team silver in the 1984 Scottish Road Relay.

Sheila Gollan was born on 18/7/1964 and ran for Inverness Harriers, Edinburgh Southern/EWM and East Sutherland AC. In the Scottish Athletics Championships, she won two individual bronze medals, for the 1991 800m and the 1994 1500m. Sheila raced two Senior track internationals: in 1993, both 3000m indoors 3000m – she finished second v Wales but won v Northern Ireland. Sheila ran cross-country for Scotland twice: 1990 in Glasgow (4th Scottish counter); and 1994 in Glasgow (3rd Scottish counter. Scotland lost to England and Ireland but beat Wales and Northern Ireland). Sheila featured in EWM teams that won Scottish XC Relay gold medals in 1993 and 1995. She became North District Senior XC Champion in 1993, when she led Inverness Harriers to the team title. In the Scottish Masters XC Championship, Sheila won W45 silver in 2010; and became W50 champion in 2018.

Dale Greig

Carol-Ann Gray was born on 7/4/1964 and ran for Edinburgh AC and City of Glasgow. In the Scottish Athletics Championships, she won the 1500m in 1993 and added silver medals in 1992 and 1994. She added 800m bronze in 1988 and 1992. Indoors, Carol-Ann Gray won the Scottish 1500m title in 1995 and 2003 and added silver or bronze in other years. She was East District Champion 8 times: 3 for 800m and five for 1500m. A special day took place in 1993, when Carol-Ann became British Indoor 1500m champion. Her personal best times were: 800m 2.09.87;1500m 4.24.92. Before her track career flourished, Carol-Ann Gray, with a strong finish, became 1987 Scottish Marathon Champion. Between 1988 and 1994, she ran for Scotland on the track ten times, against Ireland, Iceland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey. Her best finishing positions were second places in an 800m and two 1500s v NI; and a 1500m victory v Wales. The Scottish team won five of those matches.  

Dale Greig was born on 15/5/1937 and ran for Bellahouston Harriers and Tannahill Harriers. The Scottish Athletics website says: “A pioneering woman distance runner who ventured into the area of marathons and ultra-distance running that even seasoned and hardened male runners regarded with trepidation, Dale Greig became one of the first women to run a marathon, setting the  inaugural recognised  IAAF women’s world best for the distance. In addition to her competitive achievements, she acted as a national administrator, official, race organiser and athletics writer over a long period of time, editing “Dale’s Diary” in the Scots Athlete magazine.” Dale Greig ran cross-country twice for Scotland. The first time was in 1957 v England. There were no more opportunities until 1967. Then, in the 1968 ICCU Championships, Dale finished 14th (third Scottish counter) and the team won bronze medals. She was Scottish XC Champion in 1962 and 1964; won three bronze medals in the Scottish One Mile track; was the first woman to run the London to Brighton 53 miles in 1972; and was World Veteran Marathon champion in 1974.    Dale’s full profile is here.

Mary Gunn (Chambers from 1966) was born on 2/12/1941 and ran for Blaydon Harriers and Edinburgh AC. On the track, in Scottish Athletics Championships she won: silver medals in the 1974 and 1975 1500m; bronze in the 1976 1500m; bronze in the 1963 One Mile; and bronze in 3000m (1971 and 1977). She was East District One Mile champion 1963-1965. In the Scottish Senior National XC, Mary Chambers finished 4th in 1973; 6th in 1974; and 5th in 1975 and 1976. Mary raced for Scotland over cross-country in: 1973 IAAF World Cross; 1976 IAAF;1975 Home Countries International; 1976 v England, Ireland and Wales (when Mary finished 17th and second Scot); and 1977 v England and Ireland.

Palm Gunstone (nee Lindsay) was born in 1946 and ran for Dundee Hawkhill Harriers. (She married Scottish International athlete Doug Gunstone.) On the track, Palm won a silver medal in the 1974 3000m; and, in 1973, bronze medals in the Indoor 1500m and outdoor 3000m. She won the East District 880 yards in 1965. In the Scottish Senior National XC, Dundee (including Palm) won team gold medals in 1970, 1971 and 1972. (Palm also secured team silver with Victoria Park in 1976.) She won the East District XC title in 1975. Palm Gunstone ran for Scotland (1973-1975) in three IAAF World Cross Championships: in Belgium, Italy and Morocco; and also in the 1975 Home Countries match at Coatbridge, where she was third Scottish counter; and in the same 1976 fixture at Rawtenstall in England. In the 1984 Scottish Senior National Cross-Country, the SWCCU included a W35 category for the first time – and Palm Gunstone became the first official champion. Before that, she had served on the SWCCU committee, first as Secretary and then as President (between 1979-80 and 1981-82).

Penny Gunstone (Rother from 1980) was born on 15/2/1958 and ran for Dundee Hawkhill Harriers, Edinburgh AC and Livingston. (Her elder brother was Scottish International athlete Doug Gunstone.) Penny was a versatile, durable athlete who ran well on track, country, road and hill before turning to triathlon. In the Scottish Athletics Championships, Penny won the 1975 Indoor 1500m and added bronze in 1976; and gained another bronze in the outdoor 3000m (1978). She won East District track titles: 1974 1500m; 1978 3000m. As a Senior, in 1976, Penny ran 3000m for Scotland v Wales and Belgium. In 1974, Penny Gunstone (4th) led DHH to team gold in the Scottish under-17 XC Championships; in 1976, Penny was 7th in the Senior National when Edinburgh AC secured team bronze medals. EAC (with Penny 8th) won 1987 team silver; and added bronze in 1989. As a Junior, Penny ran cross-country for Scotland in 1975. As a Senior, she ran for Scotland twice on the road (in the Glasgow 10k); and seven times on cross-country. One good result was when Penny Rother was second Scottish counter in 1985 – Scotland lost to England and Ireland but beat Wales and Northern Ireland. Penny Rother represented Scotland in 4 Hill running World Cups (1988 Keswick, 1991 Zermatt, 1993 Gap and Telfes in 1996). In 1988, her Scottish Team won team bronze medals in the World Mountain Running Championships.    Read Penny’s complete profile here.

Aileen Drummond and Diane Leather: Scottish and English Mile Champions and Cross-Country Champions