Who’s Who of Distance Running – Letter H

Allister Hutton leading the field at Newcastle

Pat HACKETT  (Heriot Watt Univ, Edinburgh)
1972 800 1.54.4; 1973 800 1.52.9.
Pat ran 1500m for Scottish Universities against Irish Universities in 1971.

Ian HADDOW (Vale of Leven AAC) was a good club runner with the Vale (also ran for Dumbarton AAC) racing in the Edinburgh team in 1961 (3rd on first leg) as well as in championship races.

Steven HALE (9.09.63) Perth Strathtay
1988 3000S 9.43.4
Steve was a champion orienteer who represented GB in the 1993 World Orienteering Championships Relay, when his team won silver medals. Previously, he had won the East District Cross-Country championship in 1989 and 1990. In the Senior National XC, he finished a very good tenth in 1989.

Christopher HALL [WAL] (22.08.58) Haringey, Aberdeen AAC, Dundee Hawkhill Harriers.
5000m 14.20.58 (1988); 10,000m 30.09.84 (1990).
Chris was a most unusual, talented and very confident runner, who may have mentioned occasionally that Seb Coe was a Haringey team-mate. With Aberdeen, he featured strongly in E to G victories in 1986 and 1988 plus bronze in 1987 and 1989; with DHH, he added 1990 silver.
In the National XC Relay with DHH, Chris won gold in 1991; and in the Six Stage Road Relay, gold in 1990 and silver in 1991. In the Senior National, team medals won included: 1988 bronze (with AAAC, when Chris finished 11th); and with DHH, 1990 bronze and 1991 silver, when he was 10th.

Robert HALL (17.07.53) Teviotdale Harriers
1986 Mar 2.24.12.
Rob was twice a Scottish International Marathon runner. In 1987 he finished third in the Aberdeen Marathon and led his Scotland team to silver medals behind England but in front of Wales. They were second again in 1989.
For Teviotdale, he ran the E to G five times, including 1991, when they won bronze medals. In 1990 he won team gold in the Scottish XC Relay; and in the Senior National XC team contest, silver in 1989 and bronze in in 1991 and 1992.

Yasunori HAMADA [JAP] (25.03.46) Edinburgh AC
1981 1500 3.49.5; 3000 8.07.0; 5000 14.13.19.
Although he only studied in Edinburgh for a year (1981), Yasunori was a very useful athlete who performed admirably for his club. He won a bronze medal in the Scottish 5000m championship.
In the Senior National he won team gold; and in the Six-Stage Road Relay, silver.

Ian HAMER [WAL] (18.04.65) Edinburgh AC, Heriot Watt University, Swansea – see full profile
CR: GB: 1 UK 5000 ’91, 3 AAA 5000 ’91. Sco: 3 i1500 ’88
For EAC, Ian ran the 1990 E to G, when team was 4th and he was second fastest on Stage Two. In 1987 a silver medal was secured, and they finished fourth again in 1988. In 1988 he contributed to team silver in the Scottish Six Stage Road Relay.
For Wales, he was the bronze medallist in the 5000 metres at the 1990 Commonwealth Games; and, for GB, ran in the 1992 Olympic Games.

Robert (Bob) HAMILL, Dumbarton AAC

Bob was a consistently good long-distance road runner who finished 4th in the 1959 Scottish Marathon championship.   He ran for his club in all the major championships such as the Dunbartonshire County, the Midland District and National Championships and county and district cross-country relays.

James S HAMILTON [Victoria Park AC] – see full profile
James won silver medals in the Scottish 880 yards championship in 1946 and 1947, and gold in 1953 (1.54.9), and ran in the Empire Games in Canada in 1954.

James HAMILTON Edinburgh Eastern Harriers
James won a bronze medal in the 1953 Scottish 2 Mile Steeplechase and gold in 1954; then in 1955 he finished first in the 3000m Steeplechase (9.38.2).

Thomas HANLON (20.05.67) Edinburgh Southern, Racing Club, Scottish Borders. See Full Profile

Tom Hanlon leading over the water jump

Graham HARKER (20.02.63) Edinburgh AC, Edinburgh Southern.
1500m 3.50.70 (1988); 3000m 8.20.83i (1988); 5000m 14.39.71 (1990).
For EAC, Graham ran the 1987 E to G to gain team silver; and the 1988 race when they were 4th – with Graham fastest on Stage Seven. In the 1988 Scottish Six Stage Road Relay, Graham contributed to team silver. In the 1988 Senior National, he was first home for his team in 12th place.

Ian HARKNESS (23.08.68)  Edinburgh University, Old Gaytonians, Harrow, Hunter’s Bog Trotters
1989: 1500m 3.48.1; 5000m 14.21.1; Marathon 2.24.10 (2005).
He ran the E to G for EU in 1988; and was 31st in the 1990 Senior National. For HBT, he contributed a great deal to their E to G improvement, running the event eight times, including team bronze in 1996 and 1999 (fastest on Stage Four), 2000 (fastest on Stage Five), and silver in 2001 (fastest on Stage Five).

Kenneth HARKNESS (10.11.60) Edinburgh Southern Harriers
3000m Steeplechase 9.11.4 (1980)
Ken was a Scottish International Track steeplechaser.

R. Keith HARLEY (1940- ) Teviotdale Harriers
1961: 1M 4.16.4; 3M 14.15.0.
Keith won the 1961 East District Junior XC title.
In the E to G, he ran for his club between 1958 to 1963; including 1959 when they finished sixth and won the ‘most improved’ medals; and 1961 when they were sixth again and he was second fastest on Stage 8.    In the 1960 Junior National XC, Keith was 7th and Teviotdale won silver medals; and in 1961 he improved to 4th and team gold.

Frank HARPER (25.06.57) Central Region, Pitreavie, Carnegie.
10,000m 31.10.5 (1989); Marathon 2.18.44 (1986).
Frank was a durable, hard-training runner who became a successful Scottish International Marathon runner.
He was third in the 2005 Scottish Marathon championship. Perhaps his finest race was in the 1986 Glasgow Marathon – he set his fastest time in fourth place (1st Scot) in an international match against England and Wales. In 1988 he finished second in the Aberdeen Marathon behind his Scotland team-mate Hammy Cox. They led the Scottish team to a rare victory over England (and Wales as well).
He ran the 1987 E to G for Pitreavie AC.

Ian HARRIS (3.03.35) Beith Harriers, Army. See Full Profile
Ian was successful in cross-country, hill-running, track and road.
He was a Scottish Cross-Country International in 1961, having finished 8th in the Senior National XC; and won the Scottish Marathon championship in 1963 (famously beating the great Jim Alder); later that year, Ian was third in the challenging Ben Nevis race. In 1964 he also won the Inter Services Marathon Championship.    Ian ran the E to G for Beith in 1958, when the team finished 12th, 1959 and 1960.

Tommy HARRISON  Maryhill Harriers

In May 1949,Tommy ran the first post-war Edinburgh to Glasgow Road Relay, when Maryhill finished 5th; and also took part in six more between then and 1955. Tommy was a loyal club runner with Maryhill for decades after the War who was well known, always cheery and who had a great career as an administrator (e.g. in the Scottish Marathon Club) and official thereafter. Starting as a cross-country and road runner, he even ran in the marathon from Meadowbank when into his 50’s. As a veteran, he ran in several Scottish Masters XC races. In the very first official championship, in 1972, he secured a silver medal in the M50 age group (as he had in the inaugural 1971 SVHC event), followed by 1973 bronze and 1975 gold. In M60, he added 1984 silver; then won M65 titles in 1987 and 1989; and M70 gold in 1991 and 1992. 

Charles HASKETT (8.09.57) Dundee Hawkhill, Bolton United.  
5000m 14.11.9 (1985); 10,000m 29.57.68 (1985); 3000m Steeplechase 9.34.9 (1982); Marathon 2.18.29 (1986).
Charlie was a Scottish International athlete on track (10,000m – once), road (Marathon – twice) and cross country (twice as a Junior and four times as a Senior).
He won the East District 5000m title in 1982 and 1983.  Between 1981 and 2001, he ran the E to G 18 times, including 1989 team gold and 1990 silver. In the Scottish XC Relay, he won a bronze medal in 1989; and in the Six Stage Road Relay, 1989 silver, 1990 gold, 1991 silver and 1994 gold. In the Senior National XC, Dundee won team bronze in 1990 and silver in 1991.   He won silver medals in the Scottish Marathon championship in 1984 and 1987.

Charlie Haskett finishing the Edinburgh to Glasgow, 1978

Ian S. HATHORN Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.
880 yards 1.54.3 (1967); 3 Miles 14.29.0 (1967).
Ian was part of the all-conquering EU squad of the mid-sixties. In 1966, they won the E to G (and Ian broke the record on Stage Three); and they retained their title in 1967. In the 1968 Senior National XC, EU won the team contest by one point from Aberdeen AAC. Ian’s 19th place was critical in ensuring victory.

Hugh HATRICK  Glasgow University, Garscube
Hugh was a medical student at Glasgow University in the 1950’s and a successful half miler who won many events for them.   He  won the Scottish 880 yards title in 1951 (1.57.8) and later that year became a Scottish International athlete. Leaving University he returned to membership Garscube Harriers for whom he had run the E to G  in November 1949.   After his racing career he became a  member of the SAAA and represented them on the British Association of Sport and Medicine   Latterly he lived in Duns and was an Honorary Member of the SAAA.

Robert HAWKINS (16.12.63) Kilbarchan AC
1987 5000 14.45.06
Father of Callum and Derek.
Robert ran for Kilbarchan in the 1983 Junior National XC and his team finished third. In the 1986 Scottish Six-Stage Road Relay, he secured another bronze medal.

Alex HAY Garscube Harriers
Alex was a regular and reliable member of Garscube Harriers who represented them on the road and over the country where he ran in the first post-war cross-country championship in season 1946-47 .   A good track man, Alex won a silver medal in the Scottish 3 Miles championship in 1946.   

Philip HAY St Andrews University, Edinburgh AC, Fife AC
1973 5000 14.54.6; 1979 10000 32.43.7.
In 1971, St Andrews University won team bronze in Junior National XC.
In the Senior National XC, Phil won team gold with EAC in 1974. That year he also took part in the E to G, when EAC finished second. For Fife he ran the E to G every year between 1976 (when they were sixth and won the ‘most improved’ awards) and 1980.

Thomas HEARLE (5.06.67) Kilbarchan AC
1990 5000 14.14.1.
Tom was a quiet, conscientious, talented and thoroughly consistent athlete who got on with his training and earned the rewards that he deserved as an international athlete on the track and over the country.  In 1986, Tom ran the International Junior Cross-Country championships; and also became a Scottish International track athlete.
In the Junior National Cross-Country, he was fifth in 1986 (and won team gold); and 6th in 1987 (team silver).
Between 1986 and 2002, he ran the Edinburgh to Glasgow 16 times, including 1997 (team bronze), 1998 (silver) and 2000, when he was fastest on Stage Two. In the 1993 Scottish Cross-Country Relay, Kilbarchan finished second; in the 1999 Six Stage Relay, they were third and Tom was a team member on both occasions..

Angus HENDERSON (28.04.64)  Tayside, Aberdeen University, Edinburgh Southern, Bristol, Yeovil
3000m Steeplechase 8.59.84 (1987)
Angus, an extremely durable athlete, featured in the annual Scottish steeplechase rankings between 1983 and 2007, and was in the top ten five times, with a highest position of fifth.

Callum HENDERSON (27.08.62) Tayside, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Southern.
800m 1.53.93 (1981); 1500m 3.50.1 (1986); 5000m 14.09.5 (1985); 10,000m 29.24.36 (1986).
Callum did not race on Sunday, for religious reasons, but nevertheless had a very successful athletic career.
He won the East District 1500m in 1985; and the Scottish 5000m title in 1987 (as well as 5000m bronze and 10,000m silver in 1986).
He became a Scottish International track athlete in 1981.
In Cross-Country, for Tayside AAC, he won the East District Junior title in 1982 and then the Junior National; and the Senior East District championship in 1983. He became a Scottish cross-country Junior International in 1981. In 1984 he was first in the Home Countries International XC race at Cumbernauld and led the Scots to team victory. In 1986 he finished second in the Senior National XC.
In the 1985 and 1987 Scottish XC relays, Callum played his part in ESH gold medal winning performances; as he did in the Senior National XC in 1985 and 1986 (and added team silver in 1988).

G HENDERSON, Motherwell YMCA Harriers

In the 1963 Edinburgh to Glasgow Relay, he was second fastest on Stage 8 for the winning team.

Robert A. HENDERSON (11.07.33)  Braidburn, Edinburgh
1960 3000S 9.17.6; 1964 2M 9.29.0; 1964 3M 14.36.6.
Robert won two silver medals in the Scottish 3000m Steeplechase championship, in 1960 and 1964. He became a Scottish International track athlete at this event; and also won the East District Steeplechase title in 1964.

John HENDRY , Shettleston Harriers, Walton AC.

John won Scottish Championship One Mile silver medals in 1954 and 1955 for Walton; and in 1957 for Shettleston.

John HENDRY, Bellahouston Harriers, Shettleston Harriers

John started his career with Bellahouston Harriers for whom he ran track, road and cross-country.  He ran the first stage of the E to G in 1986, the fifth in 1987 and the seventh in 1988.   After moving to Shettleston, he ran in the 1989 inter city race on the seventh stage, in 1990 on the fourth stage.   He ran for both clubs over the country too but he was a better track man specialising in the 800 metres distance.

Donald HENSON Victoria Park AC
Donald won the 1952 Junior National Cross-Country and Victoria Park Park were team champions. That year he won a silver medal in the Scottish One Mile championship.    In 1955 he won the Senior National Cross-Country title, leading his team to silver medals which earned him selection as a Scottish International cross-country runner.   In the Edinburgh to Glasgow, Victoria Park won the race in 1950 and 1954 (when Donald was fastest on Stage Seven).

Alasdair I. C. HERON (24.07.42) Springburn Harriers, Edinburgh SH, Cambridge University   See Full Profile
One Mile 4.15.7 (1963); 3000m Steeplechase 8.58.2 (1964); Three Miles 13.57.6 (1964).
Alasdair won the Junior National XC in 1962 (team silver) and, in that year’s Junior International XC, he finished a very good 11th. In the 1964 Senior National XC he was fifth and ESH won team gold. Consequently, he was selected to run for Scotland in the Senior International XC championships, where he was a counter in 39th place.
Alasdair won the 1964 3000m Steeplechase Scottish Championship gold in 9.14.2.

Robert C. HERON (14.12.57)  Dundee Hawkhill Harriers, Aberdeen AAC, Brighton & Hove, Bognor Regis.  –  See Full Profile
Marathon 2.17.07 (1973) ranked 1; 2.19.18 (1974).
Rab (or, when he moved to England, Rob) was a good track and cross-country runner as a schoolboy and continued successfully as a senior athlete before he found his true strength as a marathon and (especially) ultra-distance runner. He is a hard-training, tough, determined athlete with a finely-tuned sense of humour. Nowadays he explores dark caves – quite the opposite of all that open-air exertion.
In 1973 he won the Edinburgh to North Berwick marathon in his best ever time and was ranked Number One in the annual Scottish Rankings. In the Scottish Marathon he won bronze in 1973; and silver in 1974, after a close duel with 1972 Olympian Donald Macgregor.

Jack HERMISTON Edinburgh Harriers
Jack won two bronze medals (1953 and 1954) in the Scottish One Mile championship.

Alexander HILL, Shettleston Harriers

He finished 16th in the 1949 Senior National XC and his team won the title. 

Richard T. HODELET (13.03.42) Glasgow University, Greenock Glenpark Harriers   See Full Profile
440 yards 49.0 (1966); 880 yards 1.50.4 (1966); 1500m 3.58.8 (1971); One Mile 4.15.9 (1966); 10,000m 32.23.2 (1978).
Dick was a Scottish International Track athlete seven times.
In 1964 he won the West District 880 yards, followed by the Scottish title at the same distance. Three silver medals were secured in 1965, 1966 and 1968.
In later years, Dick became an outstanding veteran athlete who broke Scottish age group middle distance track records and won the Scottish National Veterans XC championship in 1984 and 1985.

Brian HODGSON  Motherwell YMCA Harriers
Brian contributed to E to G bronze (1961) and gold (1962). In the Senior National XC, his team won the title in 1963.

Peter R.W. HOFFMANN (1.07.56) Edinburgh AC   See Full Profile


Peter Hoffmann leading Paul Forbes at Meadowbank

Stan HORN  Glasgow University, Garscube
1959 880y 1.59.2; 1959 1M 4.16.9.
In 1956, for Garscube, Stan won a bronze medal in the Scottish 6 Miles championship.
For Glasgow University, in 1959, he won the West District 880 title.
In the 1958 Senior National, he finished 17th; and also ran several times for Garscube in the E to G. Stan was a very good hill runner: easily winning the Goatfell event twice and finishing second in the 1956 Ben Nevis Race. In 1955, “Glasgow and District B” – Joe Timmins 5th, Pat Moy 7th and Stan Horn 8th – won the Ben Nevis team trophy.

Adrian HORNE  Edinburgh University, Braidburn AC
Adrian won the 1956 East District Senior XC title and EU won team gold, as they had in 1955.
In the 1954 East District XC Relay, EU won, with a team including Adrian Jackson and Hunter Watson as well as Adrian Horne.
They also won the 1955 Junior National XC team title, with Adrian Jackson 2nd and Adrian Horne 9th.
He ran the 1954 E to G, when EU finished 4TH; and also took part in 1955 and 1956.

J HOUSTON Motherwell YMCA Harriers
In the 1988 Junior National XC, he finished 9th and his team won gold medals. In 1989 he was sixth and added team silver.

Harry HOWARD  Shettleston Harriers   See Full Profile
Harry became a Scottish International cross-country runner in 1946.    He won the Scottish Marathon title in 1950 by 13 seconds from Charlie Robertson (Dundee Hawkhill).    In the E TO G, Harry was in two 1949 winning teams (April and November); and won silver in 1950 and 1953.    In the Senior National XC, he contributed to team wins in 1948 (when he was fourteenth) and 1949, as well as team silver in 1953.

Alexander HOWIE Aberdeen AAC

Alex contributed to several medal-winning Aberdeen teams. He ran the E to G every year between 1960 and 1965, including ‘most improved’ awards for 6th place in 1960 and bronze medals in 1963. In the Senior National, Alex helped his team to secure silver in 1964 and again in 1965.

Ray HUBBARD  Scottish Marathon Club, Ayr Seaforth
1990 Mar 2.30.21.
In April 1988, Raymond Hubbard ran three marathons in a weekend: Belfast (Saturday), London (Sunday) and then, after a long flight, Boston U.S.A. on Monday. He endured 78.7 blistering miles, and four plane flights, leaving three countries behind him. On Tuesday, he returned to work in Kilwinning!

Colin HUME (20.06.60) Edinburgh Southern, Memphis State University
Colin Hume was yet another very talented Borders athlete who ran for ESH, spent three years representing Memphis State University and then returned to ESH. He showed great promise from the start, winning the East District Youths cross-country title in 1978. That year he was sixth in the Scottish Youths Cross-Country Championship with ESH third team. In the Junior National Colin won team gold in both 1980 (individual sixth) and 1981 (second). After his time in the USA he ran in the National Senior in 1985 (team gold, eighth) and 1986 (team gold). In both 1985 and 1986 he was selected to compete for Scotland in the World Cross. He won the 1985 East District Cross-Country Championship. Colin also won team gold in the Scottish Cross-Country Relay in 1982 and silver in 1986. In the Scottish Six Stage Relay he won gold in 1979, 1980 and 1981 as well as silver in 1986. The E-G brought further team gold medals in 1978, 1981 (fastest on Stage Seven) and 1985.
His track career was very impressive with personal bests of: 1:50.1 (800m); 3:42.72 (1500m); 7:53.06 (3000m); and 8:47.02 (steeplechase). He won the East District 1500m in 1981, was third in the SAAA 1500m in 1982 and won the Scottish steeplechase title in 1985. A rare achievement was his time in 1983 of 3:59.58 for a mile – indoors! Colin Hume ran for Scotland on the track in 1981, 1982, 1985 and 1986 (in the Commonwealth Games) over a variety of distances – 1500m, one mile, 5000m and the steeplechase.

Alastair H. R. HUNTER (20.02.54) Glasgow University, Edinburgh SH
400M 50.4 (1974); 800M 1.51.4 (1973); 1500M 3.57.3 (1974).
In 1974, Alastair won the West District 1500m title, was second in the Scottish Indoor 1500m and became a Scottish International track athlete at 800m.    In 1973 he finished 19th in the Junior National Cross-Country – and GU won team bronze medals.    He ran for GU H&H in the E to G five times between 1971 and 1977, including 1972, when they were 7th.

Craig HUNTER (27.07.58)  Edinburgh Southern, Pitreavie, Hunter’s Bog Trotters
1987 1500 3.55.8; 1987 5000 14.30.9; 1992 10,000 30.28.18.
In the E to G, Craig ran for ESH in 1982 (gold and fastest on Stage Seven); 1985 (silver); and 1986 (bronze and fastest on Stage Four).    In the Scottish Cross-Country relay, Craig won gold in 1983 and 1985; and in the Six Stage Road Relay gold in 1985 and 1987 and silver in 1986 and 1987.    In the Senior National XC, Craig’s team were second in 1981 and first in 1983. For HBT, Craig ran the E to G five times, including 1990, when they won ‘most improved’ medals.

Douglas HUNTER (8.01.58) Edinburgh AC
1978 5000 14.56.4; 1980 3000m Steeplechase 9.25.2; 1985 Mar 2.24.25.
Doug finished second behind the great Nat Muir in the 1978 Junior National XC and led EAC to team gold. In the Senior National, he secured team silver in 1979, gold in 1981 and silver in 1983. In the Scottish Cross-Country Relay, EAC won silver in 1978 and bronze in 1979. The Scottish Six Stage Road Relay brought another silver medal in 1981.    He ran the E to G ten times (1976-1986, missing only 1981). EAC won silver medals in 1976, 1977 (when he was fastest on Stage Seven), 1979 and 1982.    In 1986, Doug became a Scottish International Marathon runner.

Allister HUTTON (18.07.54)  Edinburgh Southern Harriers   See Full Profile
Allister, with his relentless, well-balanced running style, was ferociously determined and trained exceptionally hard. Despite focusing hard on personal ambitions, he produced many excellent runs vital to his club’s many successes. Undoubtedly one of Scotland’s greatest athletes, on track, country and especially road.