The Scottish Hill Runner

The Scottish Hill Runner is a magazine which had modest beginnings but has become a very good, professional publication.   It originated in 1987 (?) and is still going strong.   We have the first four years reproduced here in full and then we will have the covers displayed to show the progression over the years and finally we will have some of the newest issues reproduced in full.   If you are interested in the content of any not shown in full, let us know and we will come to some arrangement.   The first three were full size A4 pages and from January 1988, the magazine folded the sheet in half, stapled it in the middle and had twice the number of pages per issue as well as making it neater and easier to store

Issue Number 1     Issue number 2    Issue Number 3

The Scottish Hill Runner:  Jan 1988      June 88    Oct 88            Feb 1989   May 89   August 89   December 89

Covers Only:  Aug 1990 – 93   1994 – 1998   1999 – 2001   .2002 – 2008