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One of the features of 21st century life is the availability of video recordings of races and runners of yesteryear – people and events that we saw and knew.   We can see them again, some of us for the first time, and hear their voices and ponder over their opinions.   We start the page with two videos of one of the best liked, most respected and most missed of runners – Jim Dingwall. 

Jim Dingwall Interviews:


A Golden Era that we did not recognise as such – Stewart and McCafferty Memories: bJ00dUqU


One of the most read profiles on the site is that of Tom McKean, here are three of his races:


Frank Clement was one of my favourites and a real credit to the sport and the country.   Start with his finish in the Olympics:

But Youtube seems to concentrate on his running in the finishing straight –

The newest link is from Joe Small again and is of the 1972 cross-country international – Ian Stewart prominent – at

More to come ….