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There are many great pictures of athletics history from all over the world that inspire us, entertain us, remind us and just make us feel good about our sport.   I’m always looking for them and I often have superb pictures and cuttings sent by good friends like Hugh Barrow, Alex Wilson, Colin Young, Joe Small, Graham Orr, Graham MacIndoe and many more.   They can’t all go up immediately – just now for example when the old site is being transferred here it is awkward fitting new pictures in the right place immediately.   So, some will be shown here temporarily because they are too good to hide away and others will find their home here.   These first ones are from Hugh Barrow and are a real wander down memory lane as well as reminding us of the start of the sport in Scotland.

WHB Ibrox

Under the Stand at Ibrox

In the days of the Rangers Sports at Ibrox, athletes changed in a huge space under the stand with a galvanised iron tank of cold water for ablutions.  The top athletes changed elsewhere and came into the ground for the race.   Above is the area where the invited athletes gathered for their event.

WHB Cerutty Elliott

Hugh’s hero – actually the hero for most of a generation: Herb Elliott with Percy Cerutty.  The friendship, trust, affection and mutual respect shows through in this one.

WHB Ireland 1961

The programme cover from Hugh’s big race: when he set the world age group mile record

WHB UK 4 x 1 Mile Relay

Some of Hugh’s friends and rivals

WHB NZ World Mile Relay

It was a great time to be a runner and the New Zealand runners were universally respected and admired.   Arthur Lydiard was every bit as famous at Cerutty and his schedules were followed by even more athletes.


Nearer home: the route for the Edinburgh to Glasgow as shown in the programme

WHB Waitresses

Some ways are better than others to sell tickets!

WHB Belgian relief fund

A First World War Photograph before the charity match between Rangers FC and the Rest of Glasgow

Now two  interesting,  old cuttings …

WHB Amateurism

and, from Rangers Sports, 1959  –

lots of good Scots based, Scottish athletes facing the best in the world and not coming off second best,

WHB RFC Sports 1959

WHB International Cross Shrubb

More to come