Graham MacIndoe: Gallery of Champions

All athletes have  photographs of themselves in action that presents themselves as they want to be seen, or as they think they were when they were running really well.   Sometimes a family member or another runner takes such a picture but often there is something in the background that is not quite right, or it isn’t framed quite right and half of a leg is out of shot, or whatever.   Graham has taken photographs of runners of all standards that are ones that the subjects would like to see on the wall at home, or on the sideboard or mantelpiece.  This page will have a dozen champions taken in full flight.

Allister Hutton

Bobby Quinn

Tommy Murray, 1986

Yvonne Murray, 1985


Liz Lynch, 1986

Elspeth Turner

Christine Haskett Price

Colin Donnelly

Terry Mitchell

John Graham

We all have runners that we particularly look up to:  One of Graham’s is Brian Carty (above) 

Nat Muir

John Robson

Don Ritchie

Graham Williamson