Graham Macindoe Photographs: Starts

This page has pictures of race starts – mainly but not exclusively cross-country – and a few taken just after the start.   He knows which photographs are important to the runners and distance running aficionados – the straight on as the athletes thunder towards the viewer, the side on where the runners action can be seen, from a position high up looking down on the runners, sometimes from high up looking down at the front of the charge that is the race start.   Have a look at these.

National Cross-Country Championships, 1985, Youths

Juniors, 1985

The National, Irvine 1986

A really unusual view of runners toiling up the Dragon Hill, with the ghouls waiting at the top.   Supporter shouts – 

“You can pick up some places here!”..moments later …   “Hold your place” … “Keep running!”  … “Well, walk fast!”

Not a start?  No, but I remember a friend setting up his cine camera at the start of a National but at the wrong side and when the gun went, the runners headed off away from the camera!

The Junior Championship (always the smallest field) in 1986

The National, Callander Park, 1987: note that out of the hundreds in this picture, many of them can be recognised by looking at the faces – a dramatics picture indicating the size of the occasion with amazing clarity .

Youths National, 1987

Change of surface: Start of Six Stage Road Relay 1986: very clear – all runners can be named by looking at their faces.   

Livingston, 1985, Youths Race

Kodak 10K, Glasgow 1986

Nigel Barge Road Race, 1985

Gaymer’s Women’s 3000m Glasgow 1985

Edinburgh to Glasgow, 1986, Start