Graeme’s Edinburgh to Glasgow 1967

More of Graeme Orr’s photographs of the Edinburgh to Glasgow Relay in 1967.   We have seen some of them before but not this clear, well I don’t think so.   They are also because of the clarity enlarged and we can see more – eg the car doing the dodgy U-turn round the island on the Pat Maclagan photograph.   Remember that he was following mainly the Glasgow University Hairy Hounds so there are a lot of University pictures.   Note the Beaney twins on the first stage.  They were Springburn Harriers and the club had three sets of brothers at the time: the Beaneys, the Pickens and the Lunns (Kenny was running for GUH&H and is also featured here).

Ronnie. Beaney of Glasgow University

A. Beaney of Springburn

J Raeburn of Teviotdale Harriers and I Mitchell of Strathclyde University

J Clare, Aberdeen AAC

A McKean, Edinburgh University

K Lunn, Glasgow University

J Black, Strathclyde University

McFarquhar to McIver for Strathclyde University

Scally to Meneely for Shettleston Harriers

Fergus Murray of Edinburgh Southern Harriers

J Docherty, Strathclyde University

Willie McDonald, Glasgow University

Gareth Bryan-Jones, Edinburgh University

Pat Maclagan, Victoria Park AAC

Graeme Grant, Dumbarton AAC

Bobby Blair, Strathclyde University

X the unknown but I think it’s John Myatt, Strathclyde University, on the 7th leg.