Edinburgh to Glasgow: Stage Two

The toughest two stages in a very tough race were undoubtedly two and six.   Both attracted the top men.   Six, at seven miles, was the longest but maybe two had the edge in quality.   Poor teams put their top man there to try and improve their position while the field was still close together; good teams put their top gun there in the hope of maintaining their expected position near the front and, if possible, capitalising on it.   Many, many great runs and hard fought duels were witnessed on this stage.   Starting with Eddie Stewart and some more of Graham’s photographs before adding a few more.    Many more to come for the stage.


Chris Robison, Spango Valley, leading Craig Ross, Dundee Hawkhill

John Graham, Motherwell

Neil Thin passing the baton to Craig Hunter, Edinburgh Southern Harriers


Tony Coyne, Bellahgouston, 1985

Tony Coyne, Bellahouston, 1985

1986: Eddie Stewart leading Edinburgh AC

1986: Tommy Murray

1987: John Pentecost

Alex Gilmour and Chris Robertson

Steven Doig, Clydesdale, 1990

Graham Crawford, Springburn, 1984


Alistair Douglas, Victoria Park, and Richie Barrie, Dundee Hawkhill

Graham Laing, Aberdeen