Edinburgh to Glasgow: Stage Six

Think of any of Scotland’s top distance men at any time between 1930 and 2000 and you can bet that they ran on this stage of the Edinburgh to Glasgow.   Emmet Farrell, Joe McGhee, Ian Binnie, Graham Everett, Alastair Wood all did their best for their club.   Donald Macgregor, Jim Dingwall, Lachie Stewart all managed to find their way over the seven miles from the Forestfield Inn to the War Memorial at Airdrie.    What follows is, first, some photographs from the original programmes, then a selection of photographs from 1967.   Then some from 1985   (photographs were taken by Graham MacIndoe), then Graham Haddow’s and then  some more.

Harry Fenion (Bellahouston)

Clark Wallace to Eddie Bannon for Shettleston in 1960, start of Stage 6

For ESH, Ross to Ballantyne in 1960

Peter Duffy (AAAC) to Steve Taylor at the start of Six

Ian Donald to Graham Everett for Shettleston in 1961

Lyall to Fraser, ESH, in 1961

 Cameron Shepherd, Glasgow University, to Dougie Gifford in 1961

Fergus Murray (ESH)

Gareth Bryan-Jones (EU H&H)

Pat Maclagan (VPAAC)

Andy Daly (Bellahouston) 1983

Charlie Haskett, 1983

J Graham, 1983

Evan Cameron, ESH, 1984

Colin Youngson, 1985

Simon Axon (AAAC) leading Graham Crawford (Springburn) 1985

Jim Dingwall, Falkirk Victoria Harriers, 1985

Neil Tennant, Edinburgh Southern

Lindsay Robertson, Edinburgh AC

Bobby Quinn, Kilbarchan

Lawrie Spence, 1985

Alistair Douglas, Victoria Park

Peter  Fleming, Bellahouston

Simon Axon, Aberdeen, leading Graham Crawford, Springburn

Terry Mitchell, Fife AC

Craig Hunter 1986

Above: Fraser Clyne, AAAC 1986

Below: Steven Connaghan to Lawrie Spence, Spango Valley, 1986

Tommy Murray, 1986

Ian Murphy, Clydesdale, and Drew Nicol, Victoria Park

Ian Murphy, Clydesdale Harriers

Peter Fleming (Mizuno) and Graeme Wight (Shettleston) 1996

1996, Doug Runcieman on Five handing over to Graeme Croll , Stage Six for Cambuslang

Glen Stewart, 1999.

Glen Stewart leading Phil Mowbray in 2001

Phil Mowbray started that leg 10 seconds ahead of Glen Stewart; after 6 miles at the end of the leg Glen was 1 second ahead of Phil.   2 fastest 6 stage times of the day, great race by 2 fine athletes