Edinburgh to Glasgow: Changeovers

If the rivalry and anxiety were intense throughout, they were nearest the surface at the changeovers:  This 1990’s group includes Hammy Cox, Glen Stewart and Frank Boyne and their expressions tell a story.

1937 changeover above

Emmet Farrell receiving the baton for Maryhill Harriers from ? : Possibly pre-1939

April 1949: J Ross of Shettleston to Eddie Bannon

George White, Clydesdale Harriers, handing over in the lead at the end of the first stage to Duncan Stewart in 1952

Gordon Dunn, Victoria Park, to Chic Forbes, last changeover, 1954

George White to Pat Younger, Clydesdale, 1954

John Stevenson to Tom O’Reilly at the start of the fourth stage in 1954

George Govan of Shettleston handing over to Clark Wallace at the end of the first stage in 1956

Graham Everett to Eddie Bannon, Shettleston, 1956

Terry Willcox (St Andrews University) to Ian Docherty at the start of six, 1959

1962 Dundee Hawkhill’s Duncan Cameron passing the baton to Dave McLean in the snow.

Tony Coyne to Billy Coyle (Shettleston)

Stuart Barnett to Frank McGowan (Victoria Park)

Frank Blackstock to young David Donnet (Springburn)

1985, Stage Two to Stage Three: Tony Coyne to Robert Fitzsimons (Bellahouston) & J Nzav to J Glidewell (The Kangaroos – a touring team from the USA: guests in the race.   They won but the trophy went to the first Scots team – ESH)

Above: Charlie Thomson (stage 5) to Alex Gilmour (stage 6) in 1986

Below: Steven Connaghan (Stage 5) to Lawrie Spence (Stage 6) for Spango Valley, also 1986

Aberdeen’s Fraser Clyne (6th stage) to Simon Axon (7th) in 1988 for the winning team

Alex McIndoe  to Jim Cooper (Springburn)

Dundee Hawkhill changeover under the watchful Danny Wilmoth

Colin Youngson for Matro Aberdeen passing on the baton: 1989.   Danny Wilmoth stewarding

Bill Scally to Les Menelly (Shettleston) in 1967

Dave Logue to Ian Young (EUH&H) in 1967

Davie Simpson to John Myatt (Law and District)

Steven Connaghan to Lawrie Spence for Spango Valley 1986

Davie Cameron to Nat Muir, Shettleston, 1985 Five to six

Charlie Thomson to Alex Gilmour, 1986, five to six

Jamie Hendry to James Austin (Clydesdale)


John Pentecost to Stuart Easton (FVH)

Spango Valley at last changeover, Barrachnie

ESH, 1987, start of third leg

1987 Falkirk Victoria Harriers, start of third leg

Edinburgh AC, Kenny Mortimer starting the last leg at Barrachnie

John Mackay (Shettleston) to Graeme Wight, Stage 1 to Stage 2, 1999

Glen Stewart from John Ross, 2000: Stage 5 to Stage 6