Willie McGregor’s Photographs – 2: All Cross Country

The first  pictures here are of Springburn Harriers – Willie lived fairy close to their training ground and was a good club member.   Then comes a whole series of the West District Championships at Stepps in 1996.

Euan McNair in the Springburn Club Championships in 1996

Springburn team at National Relays: Adrian Callan, Graham Crawford, George Braidwood and David Donnet


West Districts 1995: Alistair Douglas, Stuart Barnett (both VPAAC)

Same race, same corner, Alan Puckrin and Ian Murphy

Same race, the finishing line

Douglas Gemmell, 113, at the finish

Bobby Rosborough, 116, at the finish

Winning Clydesdale Harriers team at the West District Relays, 1995: Ewan Calvert, James Austin, Grant Graham and Des Roache.

Grant Graham to James Austin at the start of the last leg of the 1995 West District Relay at Lenzie

Cumnock Races, 1996

Adrian Callan, West District Cross Country, 1996, Cumnock, 2nd

Barney Gough, Cambuslang, 60

George Braidwood, Springburn, Kilbarchan Relays, 1991

Springburn runners, Robert Burns Relays

Johnny Walker Open Cross-Country Race 1996: Richardson (2nd), Gallacher (1st), Goldie (3rd) 


Cambuslang winning youth team in Lanarkshire Relays, 1994: Grant, McRae and Lyle

and, without whom none of them would have been possible – two of the best and longest working officials, Danny and Molly Wilmoth at the Scottish Vets championships at Bannockburn, 1995