Tsegezab Woldemichael

Tsegezab spent just over three years in Scotland. He was not part of the World Cross country team but came to Scotland via France over the channel!   He lived in Shettleston.

He was a great guy and I still see him/talk to him on a regular basis – he calls Elaine and myself Aunt and Uncle. He moved to Leeds around 2011 and now lives in Birmingham driving a taxi. He has a brother and other family members there. He only runs to keep fit now. I think his best run was 63min run in Great Scottish Run 2009 – this got him into the top 20 in the world that year! No altitude training just training around the East End of Glasgow.

National X

3nd 08-09

2rd    09-10

Teams 1st 08-09

             2nd 09-10

National XC relays

08-09 2nd team

09-10 1st team


National 4km X

3rd 09-10


1st 08-09

1st 09-10


Cross Country Grand Prix 3rd 09-10


West District XC

2nd 08-09

Teams 1st 08 &09


Road  National championships


3rd 08

1st 09 &10

Teams 1st 08,09 & 10

½ marathon

1st 09 &10

Teams 1st 09 & 10


6 Stage

1st team 09 & 10

12 Stage AAA  3rd team 2010

6 Stage AAA 2nd team 2010


Scottish Track championships

5000m 2nd 2008

             1st 2009 & 10


10,000m 2nd 2008

               1st 2009