Tommy Boyle

Tommy Boyle is one of Scotland’s most successful coaches ever.   He is also known across the globe as a successful coach who is readily prepared to talk about his work, his sources of information and inspiration and the athletes he has worked with.   He followed the traditional route of Scottish, indeed British, coaches who start out as runners, go on to become ‘Johnny a’things ‘ in his club – working on the committee, raising funds, sweeping the floor after races, etc with some coaching thrown in.   The coaching becomes a full time job with maybe a wee role on the committee and selling some raffle tickets.   Where Tommy left the traditional club coach role was when he realised that an exceptional runner required exceptional methods.   The various club roles were stripped away so that he himself could learn how to provide these exceptional measures.   Having taken this decision he tackled it with honesty, with intensity and dedication.   The results were there for all to see.   

This profile covers all aspects of his life and career, because the one influences and shapes the other more than in generally recognised.   Tommy has been very helpful in the construction of this profile and in fact almost all of section three comes direct from him.   The tale is told in four parts with some comments from some of his friends and colleagues on a separate page.   There will also be the text of some of his lectures added.

Tommy Boyle: the Background       Tommy Boyle: Club Coach        Tommy Boyle: Master Coach  

Tommy Boyle: Life Coach                ‘As Ithers See Us ..’