Tom Scott: the first races

The first Tom Scott 10 miles Road Race was a revelation to road runners who had been turning out in races with fields of twenty or twenty five runners – sometimes even fewer.   The story is told on another page of the website.   What this page is doing is reproducing the first ever programme and then the official results sheet.   Two comments then on to the document:  first, there is a bit torn from the foot of the last page where the tear-off slip for the lucky prohramme draw as located.   It was the only chance most of us had of coming away with a prize!   Second, the results sheets were printed on foolscap paper which was longer than the current A4 size and the bottom line on the results page might be missing.   Here we go, then, with the first programme, cover above.

Now for the results

That’s the first ever Tom Scott:

Two, Three and Four will be next up