The O’Boyle File

Cyril O’Boyle was a quite outstanding runner who was celebrated in Ireland before he ever came to Scotland.   He came here in theearly 1950’s and joined Victoria Park AAC, returned to Ireland, then ame back to Scotland again to run for Clydesdale Harriers.   His Daughter Moira was also an international runner, first of all as an age group runner for Scotland then as a senior marathon runner for Ireland.   nspired by Moira’s success, and encouraged by Cyril’s enthusiasm, wife Noreen took up running and ran for several Scottish select teams.   What is here is s simple collection of photographs, mainly but not exclusively, of Cyril himself.

A young-ish Cyril in his Finn Valley days, he is second right in the front row.

A Tyrone cross country team in 1950: Cyril is 145 on the left

.As a member of Victoria Park AAC, he is on the left in the back row, with Syd Ellis and Johnny Stirling; Ian Binnie in front.

In the Balloch to Clydebank 12 miles road race, leading Alex McDougall at three miles


In the Edinburgh to Glasgow late 1950’s

Handing the baton to Bobby Shields in the Edinburgh to Glasgow, mid 1960’s


At the start of the Babcock & Wilcox 14 miles road race about 1970: Cyril on left next to team mates Ian Leggett (26) and Allan Faulds (27).

Moira running for Ireland, 1980’s

Moira winning a marathon in Ireland, 1980’s

Cyril and Noreen on his 90th birthday in 2016

After Cyril returned to Ireland in the 1980’s he was visited by some of his old friends from Scotland:   here he is outside his farm cottage with Pat Younger.