Glasgow International Marathon: Results 1980

In keeping with the ‘best kept secret’ nature of the event, there was very little pre-publicity for the international event with all four home countries sending strong teams.   The only picture of the race in the ‘Glasgow Herald’ report on the race was of Leslie Watson (below).   The actual report was down the page on page 19, the middle page of three sports pages, immediately above the “Sport In Brief”    section and not much bigger than the coverage of items there.  

Only six runners mentioned, not any results despite the fact that it was an international fixture.   There was not even a note of the first three with countries and times, no team order either and, in short, the lack of coverage was a poor reflection on the Sports section of the paper.  Joe Small came up with the complete results though and we print them below.

51 finishers, 3 outside 3 hours, 15 inside 2:30, 4 on 2:20 or faster, 1 woman on 2:47:07.