Photographs: 90’s Pt 2

A Group of U17’s: Graeme Reid, Jamie Hendry, David Moore and Denis McGinley

All Schools and SAAA Age Group Internationalists, Graeme of course was SCCU Senior Man CC Champion in 2003

Denis McGinley

Graeme Forbes at Stretford

Scottish Medley Relay Champions, 1995: David McColm, Des Roache, Craig McDaid, Donald Govan

Des with the Trophy

Scottish Medley Relay Winners, 1994: Grant Graham, Graeme Forbes, Ruaridh Graham and Donald Govan

Grant with the Trophy

After a very good season, Clydesdale Harriers were awarded the Clydebank Sports Council Team of the Year Award

Jmaie Hendry to James Austin in the Edinburgh to Glasgow

Ewan Calvert to Derek Halpin in the Edinburgh to Glasgow

Group in Lanzarote: Ewan, Allan, Steve Moseley (Cardiff), Peter, Ian Gillespie (Bristol), John <cFadyen, Grant

Kheredine and Ewan Warming up.

Mark Govan

Graeme R, Mark, Graeme F,Des,  Kheredine, Allan and Matt Davies (Woodford Green), with Julie McDevitt and Charlotte McConnell (CoG) in front.

Allan and Grant in Lanzarote

The Bike Ride, Lanzarote: John, Steve, Ewan, Allan, Tim Grose (Serpentine Runners), Ian, Grant, Matt


More to come