Photographs: 1980’s

Most of the photographs on this page are of athletes I was coaching, or who were in the group at the time, either training or racing.   Above is one of my own favourites – taken by Robert Chalmers at Coatbridge when Alex Gilmour was giving me some advice and neither of us was aware of the camera!    These are only some of the photos from the 80’s – more may well be added as time goes by.

Companion to the one above: also Robert Chalmers sneaking up – this time it was Jim Orr who was telling me what to do.

Tom Rhodes (Cambuslang), Pat Morris, (Cambuslang), Paul Ross (Clydesdale), Charlie McIntosh (Clydesdale), Hugh Forgie (Law & Dist), Douglas McDonald (Clydesdale)

Jim Orr, Alex Gilmour, Paul Doran (Clydesdale), Graham Getty (Bellahouston), Bob Anderson (Cambuslang)

Jim Orr and Alex Gilmour

Group leaving the track at Coatbridge: includes Mike Gallagher (Maryhill), Alex Chalmers (Springburn), Bob Anderson, Tom Rhodes, Pat Morris (all Cambuslang), Graham Getty (Bellahouston), Hugh Forgie (Law), Douglas McDonald, Derek McGinley, James Austin (all Clydesdale), Alex Gilmour (Cambuslang), me, Jim Orr, Charlie Thomson (Cambuslang), Sam Wallace (Cambuslang)

Crown Point: Derek Halpin (Clydesdale), Sam Wallace (Cambuslang), Struan Marshall (Clydesdale), Paul McEvoy (Cambuslang).

Hugh Forgie and Paul Ross on the third stage of the Edinburgh to Glasgow

Tommy Murray, Alex Gilmour, John McKay and Robert Fitzsimmons in the Dunky Wright Road Race

Alex Chalmers (13) following Alaister Russell of Law & District at Coatbridge

In 1986 we had the British Milers Club two day conference and AGM at Jordanhill and the following photos are from that event

The mass warm up: some of our runners here are Jim Orr and Kevin Newberry, with other top athletes such as Chris Robison, Elspeth Turner also doing their bit.   

.Peter Coe, left, Jim Bannerman, centre

Sean Kyle, left, Alex Naylor, centre

Sam Wallace, Bryan Murray and Eddie Stewart looking puzzled or sceptical about something Frank Horwill said.

Hylda Stewart (Clydesdale)

Sam Wallace following Gerry McCann in the West District U17 Championship at Wishaw: Sam won

Sam Wallace at Wishaw in 1986 – Robert Fitzgerald second, John MacKay third

Peter Halpin (Clydesdale) at Scotstoun

Bobby Rosborough (Clydesdale) middle, in the National at Irvine

Peter Halpin in the 4 x 400 relay at Meadowbank

Alex Gilmour battling Chris Robison (Spango Valley) in the E – G