Mel Edwards: The First Fifty


In response to an invitation to do so, Mel wrote his own account of his first 50 years in the sport – fascinating, humorous but mainly informative and certainly inspirational they are among the best running stories I have ever read.

ME First 50 1

ME First 50 2

ME First 50 3

ME First 50 4

ME First 50 5

ME First 50 6

ME First 50 7

ME First 50 8

ME First 50 9

ME First 50 10

You can see from that exposition why we just reproduced his own words – more detailed and eloquent than we could ever be!   Mel’s son Myles, who is referred to in the text, is also a runner but he has an excellent blog which has two articles in particular about Mel.

  1. At is an article called ‘Cancer Facing A Tough Opponent’ about his Dad’s attitude to the diagnosis, treatment, etc.
  2. Am article called ‘Some Things Never Change’ appeared on his blog at

Both are beautifully written, interesting as articles in their own right, but very informative about Mel.

Mel Bobby Charlie

 Bobby Shields, Mel Edwards and Charlie Ramsey in 1964