Hugh’s Gems 5

Hugh’s photographs and cuttings see a steady stream of visitors – let’s face it, most of us like pictures on the internet, but the mix of topics and the historical rarity of many of the items make them a real joy to see.   We start with Herb Elliott and Percy Cerutty running together illustrate perfect Percy’s dictum of “You might run faster but you don’t run any harder!”   Others have said so since but Percy was the first.

Then the Victoria Park London to Brighton team from the 1950’s

From Singers Sports in Clydebank: Ian Binnie in the black, possibly Bob Steele from Vale of Leven leading

Spot Ian McCafferty in this pro race from Carluke

No prizes for recognising Rangers Sports at Ibrox

Before any of our times: Edinburgh University team from 1872

Herb Elliott leading Mike Rawson