Hugh’s Gems 10

The tenth collection of photographs, cuttings, etc from Hugh contains some real gems.   

Alex Breckenridge, ex-VPAAC, American Olympic marathon runner, now aged 91 years of age.   This one was sent to Hugh by Ian Binnie’s daughter who now lives in Canada.

The next three were taken at the unveiling of the World Heritage Percy Cerutty Plaque with Herb Elliott and Seb Coe present along with other contemporaries and such as Derek Clayton, marathon runner.

The wonderful Herb Elliott and Aussie Rules football

New Year’s Day, 1965

Back to the days when football and running mixed and had a good relationship.

Some Historical Documents

Hugh, like many of us, is interested in the history of our sport and the back ground to events and meetings.   There are several fascination documents below.   

In the beginning of amateur athletics in Scotland many football clubs had their own sports, and their players  competed regularly in the meetings.   When the SAAA was established, the two disciplines mixed easily and amicably.   One of the earliest teams to do so was St Mirren FC.

The AP Findlay of Ayr mentioned above was the first winner of the Scottish Cross-Country Championships in 1886 and again in 1888 as a member of Clydesdale Harriers.

The pretty comprehensive programme for the Sports at the new Westmarch Stadium





We all need a wee smile now and again: Hugh is also a rugby aficionado and this is a comment on the number of ex-South African players in the Scottish team.