Edinburgh to Glasgow: Stage Three

Stage three was always the shortest, no matter how many times the trail was tweaked.   Described as ‘undulating’ there was certainly a switchback element to the road covered but the finish was ferocious – the ‘Mile to go’ sign led on to a long down hill stretch which encouraged the enthusiastic runner to really push hard before it came as a wee shock to his system to find a long uphill drag to the changeover opposite the farmer’s barn-cum-temporary toilet.   Photographs below from the Jim Irvine, Scots Athlete, Graham MacIndoe and the Andy Fair pictures were submitted to Graham MacIndoe’s site by, I believe, Andy himself.

John Stevenson (Springburn) receiving the baton in 1954

John Stevenson, running the third stage

Passing the baton at the end of the stage

Eddie Bannon (Shettleston) in 1955

Pat Moy, Vale of Leven, to Bob Steele at the start of three

1958: Jim Irvine has just passed J Taylor, VPAAC


1959: Des Dickson, Bellahouston, at the start of three

1959: Hugh Mitchell takes over for Shettleston at the start of stage three

Bert Irving (Bellahouston Harriers) to Jim Irvine at the second changeover in 1961

Ronnie Kane (VPAAC) hands over to John McLaren at the end of stage 3 in 1955


Fergus Murray (EU H&H, fastest on Stage Two) to G Evans at the start of Stage 3 in 1964

George White, Clydesdale, 1956

Joe Clare, AAAC, 1967

Neil Thin, ESH, 1984

Pat Morris starts Stage Three, taking over from Eddie Stewart in 1984

Colin Youngson finishing stage three, aged 51, and handing over to Mark Johnston for Metro Aberdeen

Hugh Forgie, Law and District, leading Paul Ross, Clydesdale

Ewan Calvert, Clydesdale, 1997

Andy Fair, Teviotdale

Andy Fair at Broxburn changeover to B Knox

Scott Cohen, Leslie Deans, 1993

Shane Daly, Clydesdale, 1995