Devastating the Record 1982

Before AAAC’s final Jogle, Colin Youngson wrote the following hint sheet for inexperienced participants.

“An Idiot’s Guide to JOGLE THREE

(you do need to be an idiot to attempt it!)

  • DON’T eat absolutely enormous meals on the two days before the start – you’ll only add extra weight wich may be hard to shift
  • DO drink lots of fluid during the relay, being sure to include glucose, salt and potassium (Bananas?   Dried Fruit?)   Yoghurt is an easily digested fuel
  • Don’t be rigid about the ten minute sessions.   be prepared to share hillwork and switch to five minute stints when tired.   Remember the idea is to keep up speed not end up dead before halfway.
  • Use the van as a windbreak if there is a headwind.   Get the driver/navigator organised to tell you or press the horn at half time in your stint, or when there’s a minute to go – it’s a real incentive.
  • If runners overlap, they don’t need to touch hands at takeover.   This can be done by one running straight up the step into the van while the other, cautiously checking for dangerous traffic, takes off down the side of the van.
  • Try to have the occasional shower/bath/meal out.   A ‘pint’ a day helps morale and sleep (as well as containing valuable minerals!)
  • Get sleep while you can – before someone gets injured and the rest periods are automatically ‘chopped’ too six hours or less.
  • Remember – 150 miles out, the final ‘sprint’ begins, and we can easily recoup any losses in the middle part of the run.
  • The target time per mile is about 5:30 to 5:35, so don’t run sub-fives all first day unless your name is F. Clyne or G. Laing.
  • Massage those aching legs with olive oil, embrocation, etc.   Do gentle stretching exercises and don’t run in racing shoes all the time.
  • Suggestion to tactics committee: how about trying to avoid the mid-race slump in speed by going over to one and a half hour sessions in the 200 miles before the last 150 mile ‘sprint’?

The 1982 Route

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