Bobby Mills at Westerlands

Bobby Mills of Glasgow University and Dumbarton AAC was a wonderful athlete who starred in the decathlon and also ran over the country and in the Edinburgh to Glasgow for his club.   He was one of a few taking photographs at athletic meetings in the 1960’s and early ’70s.   Some of them are shown here.   First some from Westerlands.

Start of a 3 Mile race: Jim Spence (GGH), Colin Martin (DAAC), Albert Smith (VP), Bert McKay (M’well), Alex Brown (M’well), Lachie Stewart (VoLAAC), Alistair Milroy (DAAC), Ian McCafferty (M’well), Hugh McErlean (VoLAAC),  Jim Brennan (Maryhill), and Brian McAusland (Clydesdale), 

Lachie leads McCafferty, Brown, Albert Smith with Jim Brennan down the track

Lachie hiding McCafferty, then Alex Brown, Albert Smith, Bert McKay and Jim Brennan.

Alistair Milroy (Dumbarton)

Start of the Invitation Mile: Kenny Ballantyne, Hugh Barrow, Mike Bradley, Craig Douglas, Bobby Greig, Brian Scobie and Albert Smith on the inside

Invitation Mile, Hugh Barrow, Bobby Greig on the inside,Ken Ballantyne on the outside

Invitation Mile finish: Scobie, Ballantyne and Barrow

Mile start: Jim McLatchie on the inside, then Graeme Grant, plus Fraser McPherson (VP)

.Grant leads McLatchie, Colin Martin fourth, Bill Scally 5?


Grant, ?, McLatchie, McPherson, Martin

McLatchie, Grant, ?, Martin, McPherson, Scally

McLatchie wins from Grant



. Leslie Watson,  Doreen King and ?

Start of Women’s Mile


Alix Jamieson

And again

Menzies Campbell

Menzies Campbell 

Jim McInnes