Atalanta Membership

Colin Young who ran for Atalanta in the 1960’s was good enough to send a copy of the Member’s Handbook for 1963  plus a copy of the invitation to the annual dinner.   They have been copied and are reproduced here for information and as a companion to the page on the Atalanta Club.   If you take the time to look through them you will see that they are a valuable Social history document: look at the geographical  spread of the members – all over the UK, France, South Africa, Rhodesia, Canada, Nigeria, etc, etc.   Note too that they are keeping in contact with founder members such as Hugh Maingay – the club was formed in 1926 and there are quite a few of those members still ‘on the books’.   Lots of interesting stuff here.   Thanks Colin!

Const Cover

Const 1

Const 2&3

Const 4&5

Const 6&7

Const 8&9

Const 10&11

Dinner circular