1931: The Second Race


The race in 1931took place on Saturday 25th April with the runners sent on their way at 2:30 pm by Sir James leishman.   Of the previous year’s competing clubs Eglinton Harriers had not entered and surprisingly Dundee Thistle who had placed second were not forward.   Five additional clubs however had entered but on the day one of them, Greenock Glenpark, did not appear leaving Beith Harriers, Glasgow YMCA Kilbarchan AC and Victoria Park to raise the number to twenty one.   The Victoria Park inclusion was an interesting one as the club had only been formed the previous April at a meeting in Partick Burgh Hall.

CP Wilson of Irvine YMCA must have been very popular with his team mates when an ankle injury prevented him finishing the first stage  and before halfway Kilbarchan had also dropped out leaving nineteen clubs to finish the course.   Plebeian Harriers were again the winners approximately three and a half minutes faster than last time and Maryhill, capitalising on Dundee Thistle’s absence improved by six minutes to second with a vastly improved Garscube and Edinburgh Northern filling third and fourth positions respectively.

  1. PLEBEIAN HARRIERS.   R Clark   25:43;   M Rayne   31:24;  F Connolly   22:50;   D McGhee   31:08;   SK Tombe   27:53;   WJ Gunn   35:16;   A Ingram   30:01;   J Lamond   25:24    3:50:39
  2. MARYHILL HARRIERS.   WH Calderwood   26:56;   D McN Robertson   31:55;   JC McNair   22:34;   AW Adams   31:57;   DT Muir   29:02;   D McL Wright   34:43;   T Blakely   29:48;   D McLean   25:12.   3:52:07
  3. GARSCUBE HARRIERS.   AS Brooke   27:52;   J Girvan   32:06.6;   E Loudon   23:05.4;   D Urquhart   31:06;   RM Roxburgh   30:08;   CH Blue   37:06;   J Thomson   31:46;   DB Brooke   25:20. 3:58:30
  4. 4.   EDINBURGH NORTHERN HARRIERS.   JP Laidlaw   27:04;   M Stewart   31:46;   J Thomson   24:00;   P Addison   32:45;   W Morris   29:36;   W Johnstone   36:46;   G Lothian   31:46;   H McIntosh   25:39.
  5. Shettleston Harriers   4:00:25
  6. Monkland Harriers   4:02:50
  7. Edinburgh Southern Harriers   4:04:00
  8. Springburn Harriers   4:06:40
  9. Hamilton Harriers   4:08:05
  10. Bellahouston Harriers   4:09:14
  11. Beith Harriers   4:11:16
  12. Motherwell YMCA   4:11:26
  13. Olympic Harriers   4:11:51
  14. Victoria Park AAC   4:13:15
  15. Clydesdale Harriers   4:13:33
  16. Dumbarton AAC   4:13:54
  17. GlasgowYMCA   4:14:25
  18. Canon ASC   4:19:30
  19. Paisley Harriers   4:21:08

Fastest Stage Times

1. R Clark Plebeian Harriers 26:43 (Record)
2. M Rayne Plebeian Harriers 31:24 (Record)
3. J McNair Maryhill Harriers 22:34(Record)
4. D Urquhart Garscube Harriers 31:06(Record)
5. SK Tombe Plebeian Harriers 27:53(Record)
6. D McL Wright Maryhill Harriers 34:43
7. T Blakely Maryhill Harriers 29:48(Record)
8. D McLean Maryhill Harriers 25:12