Scottish Universities Cross Country Championships

SUCC ElspethSUCC NeilSUCC Lynn

Scottish Universities Championships,  Elspeth Turner 1984,   Neil Thin 1985,    Lynne  McDougall, 1986 1985

Pictures from Graham MacIndoe’s Galleries.

The Scottish Universities Championships have produced some exciting races and close victories in both team and individual races over the years and many of the very finest athletes the country has produced have graced the competitions.   It is strange therefore that there is no comprehensive list of results for former students, or simply students of athletics available for consultation.    In an effort to address this, Colin Youngson has done some research and with help from Fraser Clyne, Alex Wilson, George Brown and Kenny Ballantyne has come up with the following tables.  There are several gaps, particularly in the women’s list, and any information helping us to complete them would be welcome.   Men first and then the women, whose championship only started in 1975.

Year Winning Team First Individual Year Winning Team

First Individual

Year Winning Team First Individual
1939 Glasgow Morris Carstairs (Edin) 1967 Edinburgh Ian Young (Edin) 1991 Edinburgh Adam Eyre-Walker (Edin)
1944 Glasgow JG Gray (Edin) 1968 Edinburgh Dave Logue (Edin) 1992 Edinburgh Phil Mowbray (Edin)
1945 Glasgow JW Martin (Edin) 1969 Edinburgh Ken Fyfe (Heriot-Watt) 1993 Edinburgh Phil Mowbray (Edin)
1946 Glasgow Gerry Young (Edin) 1970 Strathclyde Dave Logue (Edin) 1994 Christian Nicolson (Edin)
1947 Glasgow Dick Kendall (Aberdeen 1971 Strathclyde Alistair Blamire (Edin) 1995 Phil Mowbray (Edin)
1948 Glasgow Tom Braid (Edin) 1972 Glasgow Donald Ritchie (Aberdeen) 1996 Sandy Moss (Aberdeen)
1949 Edinburgh Tom Braid (Edin) 1973 Edinburgh Andy McKean (Edin) 1997 Phil Mowbray (Edin)
1950 Edinburgh Tom Braid (Edin) 1974 Glasgow Dave Logue (Glasgow) 1998 Pat O’Keefe (Edin)
1951 Edinburgh Jim Brydie (Edin) 1975 Glasgow Paul Kenney (Dundee) 1999 February Mike Carroll (Abertay)
1952 Edinburgh Jim Brydie (Edin) 1976 Glasgow Lawrie Spence (Strathclyde) 1999 November Edinburgh Ryan Montgomery (Paisley)
1953 Edinburgh Jim Finlayson (Glasgow) 1977 Glasgow Paul Kenney (Dundee) 2000 Owen Greene (St Andrew’s)
1954 Edinburgh Adrian Jackson (Edin) 1978 Glasgow Graham Clark (Strathclyde) 2001 Gary Crossan (Abertay)
1955 Edinburgh Jim Finlayson (Glasgow) 1979 Glasgow Fraser Clyne (Glasgow) 2002 Strathclyde Andrew Lemoncello (Stirling)
1956 Edinburgh Alastair Wood (Aberdeen) 1980 Glasgow Brian McSloy (Strathclyde) 2003 Edinburgh Andrew Lemoncello (Stirling)
1957 Edinburgh 1981 Glasgow Alastair Douglas (Glasgow) 2004 John Newsom (Stirling)
1958 Edinburgh 1982 Edinburgh Alastair Douglas (Glasgow) 2005 Iain McCorquodale (Strathclyde)
1959 Edinburgh Adrian Jackson (Edin) 1983 Edinburgh Callum Henderson (Edin) 2006 Strathclyde Alastair Hay (Queen Margaret UC)
1960 Glasgow Douglas Gifford (Glasgow) 1984 Edinburgh Callum Henderson (Edin) 2007 Edinburgh Conor McNulty (Strathclyde)
1961 Edinburgh Calum Laing (Glasgow 1985 Glasgow Richard Archer (St Andrew’s) 2008 Edinburgh Conor McNulty (Strathclyde)
1962 Glasgow Calum Laing (Glasgow) 1986 Glasgow Bobby Quinn (Glasgow) 2009 Edinburgh Michael Gillespie (Edin)
1963 Edinburgh Calum Laing (Glasgow) 1987 Glasgow Alastair Douglas (Glasgow) 2010 Edinburgh Michael Gillespie (Edin)
1964 Glasgow Fergus Murray (Edinburgh 1988 Edinburgh Richard Archer (St Andrews) 2011 Edinburgh Lachlan Oates (Glasgow)
1965 Edinburgh Fergus Murray (Edinburgh) 1989 Edinburgh Ian Hamer (Heriot-Watt) 2012 Edinburgh Michael Crawley (Edin)


Fergus Murray (Edinburgh)

1990 Edinburgh Ian Harkness (Edin) 2013 Aberdeen David Vernon (Aberdeen)

SUCC McIntyreSUCC Women

 Scottish University Championships 1984


Women’s Championship : 1975 to 2011

Year Winning Team First Individual Year Winning Team First Individual
1975 Edinburgh 1994 Hayley Parkinson (Edin)
1976 1995 Glasgow Elizabeth Riley (Aberdeen)
1977 Ruby Young (Glasgow) 1996 Sheila Fairweather (Glasgow)
1978 1997 Katy Rice (Edin)
1979 Barbara Harvie (Aberdeen) 1998 Ann McPhail (Glasgow)
1980 Fiona McQueen (Glasgow) 1999 February Kirsty Munro (Edin)
1981 Fiona McQueen (Glasgow) 1999 November Edinburgh Ruth McKean (Aberdeen)
1982 Edinburgh Jean Lorden (Edin) 2000 Toni McIntosh (Stirling)
1983 Linsey MacDonakl (Edin) 2001 Gillian Palmer (Edin)
1984 Glasgow Kirsty Husband (Glasgow) 2002 Toni McIntosh (Stirling)
1985 Glasgow Kirsty Husband (Glasgow) 2003 Edinburgh Rosie Smith (Edin)
1986 Strathclyde Lynne MacDougall (Strathclyde) 2004 Rosie Smith (Edin)
1987 Glasgow Audrey Sym (Glasgow) 2005 Lyn Wilson (Heriot Watt)
1988 Edinburgh Alison Rose (Dundee) 2006 Edinburgh Pam Nicholson (Aberdeen)
1989 Glasgow Audrey Sym (Glasgow) 2007 Edinburgh Edel Mooney (Heriot Watt)
1990 Edinburgh Yvette Hague (Edin) 2008 Edinburgh Morag MacLarty (Dundee)
1991 Glasgow Vikki MacPherson (Glasgow) 2009 Edinburgh Morag MacLarty (Dundee)
1992 Glasgow Joanna Cliffe (Glasgow) 2010 Dundee Elspeth Curran (Glasgow)
1993 Edinburgh Joanna Cliffe (Glasgow) 2011 Edinburgh Morag MacLarty (Dundee)
2012 Edinburgh Rhona Auckland (Edin)

The following results were received from Faser Clyne, to whom many thanks.Results for 2013

Men:   David Vernon (Aberdeen), Grant Sheldon (Stirling), Tom Martin (Edinburgh)   Venue:   Aberdeen

Women:   Laureen Quee (Glasgow), Katie Bristow (Strath), Mhairi McLennan (Edin)


Men:   Lachlan Oates (Glasgow), Michael Ferguson (Aberdeen), Ryan Thomson (Strath)    Venue: Dundee

Women:   Louise Mercer (Edin), Mhairi McLennan (Edin), Stephie Pennycook (Edin)


Men:   Scott Stirling (Edin), Dale Colley (CoG College), Andrew Lawler (Edin)                        Venue:   Stirling

Women:   Steph Pennycook (Edin), Angela Richardson (St Andrews), Fanni Gyurko (Glasgow)

Edinburgh won the women’s team race in each of these years, in the men’s race Edinburgh won in 2013 and 2015 with Glasgow winning in 2014.