Hugh’s Gems 6

It’s a fine mix of photographs and cuttings this time – put up during the covid-19 pandemic the first item is an illustration of how the Glasgow Academy is keeping its string of annual sports going.  It is important to keep these events going even although at times it requires a degree of ingenuity.

We all know of Hugh as a runner but as a promoter on behalf of Strathkelvin District he put on some excellent races, including the Gallery Mile event, a street mile while the Luddon Half Marathon was in progress.   Lady’s winners included Liz Lynch and Yvonne Murray and above is another superb athlete winning the race.  Note the U17 man finishing behind her.    Below is multi event winner Adrian Callan crossing the line.

Hugh also helped with BMC Coaching Days which were held at Huntershill in 1982, 1983 and 1984.   The programme was similar for all of these days – Frank Horwill would come up from London, a local coach would deal with some aspect of middle distance running, and a famous runner would be interviewed.   Look at the line up for 1984.

The picture below is illustrative of the fact that one athletics enthusiast can really make a difference in practical terms.   Who knows, even now in 2020, where Lennoxtown is?   Or what if any bus will take them there?   And yet one enthusiastic priest organised some of the very best of athletics events on a grassy field north of Kirkintilloch.

Back Row:  Dick O’Rafferty, Dave Guiney (1948 Olympian), Jim Reardon (1948 Olympian), John Joe Barry, Jack Gregory (GB OLympian, 1948 and 1952), Paul Dolan (1952 Olympian), Ulick O’Connor, Con Sheehan.

Front Row: Prince Adedoyin (1948 Olympian), Canon Denis O’Connell, Charlie McManus , Liam Brown

Irish Athletics was always divided however: there was the Irishman who ran under NACA rules and was therefore banned for a spell when he came here since Scotland was linked to the NIAAA, then suspended when he returned because he was running as a member of NACA.   When he returned to Scotland for good, there was a wee hiatus before he could compete in team competition.   Hugh has some documentation on this.

And it wouldn’t be Hugh without Herb …

Like many of his generation Hugh is interested in a multitude of sports and in the history of them all.   The following refer to the Clydesdale Cricket and Football Club, not the Clydesdale Harriers.