Graham MacIndoe Photos: Marathon (1)

Most photographs that adorn the sports pages of our newspapers, and many in the athletics journals too, are taken by very good photographers who do not specialise in athletics pictures.   There is nothing wrong with what they produce but when you get a photograph by a man or woman who knows about the sport, then the difference shows.   Graham MacIndoe is one of the finest sports photographers that the country has produced: he knows what pictures to take, where to take them, what angle might work best, which subjects make for good clear dramatic artwork.   In these few galleries of his work we will have photographs of some of the sports dramatic moments and many which are just very, very good pictures.   We start with some of his marathon work.


Edinburgh Marathon 1984: Evan Cameron

Edinburgh Marathon 1984: Evan Cameron, Lindsay Robertson

Scottish Marathon Championship 1985: Colin Youngson, Evan Cameron, Graham Getty

SAAA Marathon 1985: Leading group after 5 miles


SAAA Marathon 1985: Colin Youngson leads Evan Cameron


SAAA Marathon, 1985: Evan Cameron wins, having lapped Graham Getty

Edinburgh Marathon 1984: Martin Craven leading

Edinburgh Marathon start, 1985

Edinburgh Marathon 1985: Evan Cameron leads Murray McNaught and Mike Carroll

Glasgow Marathon, 1985: Mike Carroll leading

Glasgow Marathon 1985: Murray McNaught, Jim Brown, Andy Daly, Don Macgregor, Evan Cameron, Charlie Haskett

Glasgow Marathon 1985: Allan Adams leads, John Cowan 166

Glasgow Marathon 1985: Angie Payne, 1st Woman

Glasgow Marathon, 1985: Mike Carroll 1st Scot


Glasgow Marathon, 1985: David Lowes

Loch Rannoch Marathon, 1985: Terry Mitchell

Lochaber Marathon, 1985:  Colin Martin

Lochaber 1985: Alex Robertson

Lochaber 1985: Colin Martin

London Marathon, 1985: Allister Hutton

London 1985: Scots

Lawrie Spence, London, 1986