British Milers Club News: Spring 2010 – Spring 2020

The first issue of the BMC News was two sheets of foolscap, folded, to make 8 pages, hand typed, artwork hand drawn.  The latest issue runs to 48 pages in full colour, 61 full colour photographs, 7 black and white photographs (Peter Snell, Lindsay Dunn) and several tables also in colour.  The whole was professionally produced and the magazine is Volume 17 Issue 1, dates Spring 2020.   The magazine has come a long, long way since 1963 and this only reflects the journey that the club has taken.   One only has to take a look at the relative statistics for the period of the club’s founding and for the current period – they will go up on a separate page.   Let’s look at the covers from 2010 to 2020.