Angela Mudge: The photographs: 1

Three Peaks Race, 1999:  “Still pushing hard in the closing stages



Rear L to be R : Andrew Lemoncello, Phil Davis (team mgr), Graeme Bartlett, Chris Robison( team mgr behind)? Kyle Greg, Graham Bee? Iain Donnan 
front L to R:  John Newsom, Andrew Lenoncello, Angela, Tracey Brindley, (with tammy) ???, Sarah Blake…

Tasmanian Boat Race: Angela and Joyce Salvona

Rear L to R: RSonia Armitage, immediately behind Peter Dymoke, John Hepburn, Colin Donnelly, ???, Graeme Bartlett, Alan Milligan, Grant Stewart
Front L to R: Sue Ridley, Megan Smith, Elspeth and Peter Baxter ( team managers), Angela, Helene Diamantides


Angela, David Rodgers? Mark Rigby, possibly one of the juniors? Martin Hyman, (behind )Alan Milligan? Tracey Brindley, (Helene Diamantides behind flag) ‘Chunky’ Andrew Liston (with flag) and Megan Smith





Behind flag in fireground –
L to R:   Peter Dymoke?, Sonia Armitage,  junior??,  Alistair Anthony, Tommy Murray, Alistair Lorimer ( team Mgr), Penny Rother, Billy Brooks ( junior), David Weir(behind) then Dermot McGonigle

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