Alastair Shaw 5: Field Events

The selection of pictures of top class field events athletes.   Action photographs taken during the warm up, close-ups of the highest quality: beautifully framed for the subject and very clear and sharp indeed.   The first two are from the Commonwealth Games in 1986.

Tessa Sanderson at the 1986 Commonwealth Games

Steve Backley at the 1986 Commonwealth Games

The next XXX are from the Tarmac Games in 1983 where Tessa set her UK record

Fatima Whitbread

Tom Petranov: World javelin record holder

James Mays at the same meeting

Mary Anderson, EAC, in the SWAAA Championships 1985: a very talented all-rounder; a fast 800m runner and a good heptathlete

Karen Pugh,Birchfield Harriers – Alastair says -“she and Jacqueline McKernan from Northern Ireland came up/over for the Scottish Champs every year. Pugh finished 4th for 4 consecutive years. This was her first win in 1985. JMcK finished 2nd for 3 years in a row. I think the Scots were mildly aggrieved at the interlopers but, to be fair, the Scots thought nothing of invading the WAAA if they thought they could do well.”


Lynne Marshall having a practice throw at the 1983 Championships with Glasgow coach Eddie Coyle in line of fire . . .

. . . and below, Geoffrey Parsons in 1985